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    Can you give me the MSRP on a Z550 - 27 HP* Kohler® Command Pro engine with 60" TURBO FORCE® deck. I realize they are limited, but can you give me what MSRP is or was? Also I am looking at a 2007 with 123 hours on it, do you believe $6,000 is a fair deal? It was not used commercial and has all paper work on servicing...
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    ToroLandscaper -
    Pricing for new Toro landscape contractor products is set by independent distributors and independent power equipment dealers so it can very significantly from market to market. In addition, there are sizeable discounts for qualifying multiple unit fleet purchases and government/tax exempt purchases. It is best to contact your local Toro Commercial Dealer to inquire about pricing and any special promotions they may have going on in your market. If you need help identifying a list of Toro Commercial Dealers in your market please visit our website, click on "locate a dealer" in the upper right corner of the screen and enter your zip code.

    Pricing for used equipment can vary significantly from one market to another, and it is obviously heavily dependent upon the condition of the equipment. Toro does not provide guidance regarding resale values for any of its landscape contractor equipment, instead leaving it up to the market to decide fair market value.

    Thanks for your interest in Toro.
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    Thanks for the response.

    Today I went to the only commercial Toro dealer in Knoxville to look at the new G3s, only to find out that there distributer had gone out of business. I asked if they had had any and the guy at the desk said he had not even seen one in person. Its really too bad because I know a lot of people in Knoxville who run and like Toros...
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    Sorry about the inconvenience. Toro has a couple of different dealer types that represent our brand, based upon the type of products they sell and service and the primary customer they support, homeowner or landscape professional. One of those dealer designations is COMMERCIAL DEALER (CD designation next to dealer name on the Toro dealer locator), which requires the dealer to stock, sell and service the full range of our Landscape Contractor Equipment, provide product demos, stock an ample inventory of parts and offer fleet and national account market support to landscape professionals. Most dealers have access to Toro's landscape contractor equipment, but not all meet the requirements listed above. The dealer you visited must have been a CONSUMER DEALER that doesn't have the customer clientele to justify stocking the Z Master G3.

    Unfortunately we do not have an enrolled COMMERCIAL DEALER in Knoxville; the closest CD is VASSEY'S located in Cleveland, TN (approx. 85 miles). However, I checked with our distributor sales representative who covers Tennessee and he recommended that you visit LANE SALES located in Moorestown, TN, just east of Knoxville. While not a CD, LANE SALES is a very good dealer for Toro who stocks and service Z Master G3's.

    I would also like to clarify the info you received from the dealer you visited. Approximately 1 1/2 years ago one of our distributors decided to exit the business and sold out to another Toro distributor. Your market is now serviced by Jerry Pate Turf and the Toro rep covering Tennessee lives in the state and was previously employed by the former distributorship that sold out. He has a strong contractor background and continues to look for good Commercial Dealers in his market, including the Knoxville market. If you know of a really good dealer that would do an excellent job representing the Toro Landscape Contractor Equipment line in Knoxville, please forward the name for consideration.

    Thanks again for your interest in Toro.

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