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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by WH Lawn Care, Dec 20, 2006.

  1. WH Lawn Care

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    I am starting to look for a new ZRT for Spring and I am finding this to be a bit confusing. They make all the mowers look so similiar that I am having a hard time knowing what is commercial and what is not. I mow just over 100 lawns and I was wondering if some of the experts could give me some input. This is what I found at the dealership today.

    Z449 74412 48" 18HP Kohler $6,000
    Z400 74410 52" 19HP Kaw $6,500
    Z449 74415 52" 19HP Kaw $7,700
    Z500 74249 60" 25HP Kaw $7,700

    If anyone could offer any input on which might be homeowner or commercial?

    Which might be the best buy?

    Any personal experience with any of the above models?

    Thank you so much in advance for your input.

    Any recommendations for a Toro Z would be greatly appreciated.
  2. John Gamba

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    Dont they make a 52" 23 kaw????
  3. K-Cuts

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    I believe, from the numbers listed, all the machines are commercial. I have two, 48" 19 KAW and 52" 23 KOH. Both have around 200 hours. So far, no problems. Toro has a group of mowers they have labeled as "Estate" mowers. You can id these by the bar parking breaks on the rear tires. Good mowers for large lawns, but not sure how they would hold up to use day after day.
    Good Luck!:usflag:
  4. mhussey

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    The Timecutter ZTR from Toro is the homeowner grade, however all of the Z-Master units are of commercial quality. I love my Toro and wouldn't buy another brand. The cut from the Turbo Force deck is second to none. Do a search on here. You can't really find not one bad thing said about the Toro TurboForce unlike the other cutting platforms.
  5. WH Lawn Care

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  6. T.E.

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    I have had a toro, and I was pleased with it very much so. I had a 52/25 hp Kohler. I would not go anything lower than a 23 hp Kohler or kaw with a 52" deck. I now have a grasshopper 52/23 hp kohler, and can tell a world of difference. It would be hard in my opinion to have too much horse power.

    If toro doesn't offer bigger engines than what you have listed then I would look at another brand. There are several good brands of ztr's on the market. Later, Tony
  7. Birdhunter1

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    I've got a Toro Z449 19hp Kaw and 52" deck and love it, liek was adi it cuts great and the only power issue I have had is when I was mulching leaves and the air intake was plugged with leaves and choking the air to the filter and the leaves were wet underneath and thick.

    Other than that single issue once I've yet fo find grass that was too thick for it to cut at the normal speed.
  8. ProLawns

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    I have a Toro ZTR 52", 23 Kawasaki with 2800 hours on it. I had to replace the engine at 1400 hours due to an upper bearing problem. Other than that and a few minor things it's been a great mower and I plan to buy another. I think the real commercial line starts with the 400 series.
  9. WH Lawn Care

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    Thanks so much for some great feedback!
  10. topsites

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    I agree, those are weak engines.

    Before I bought my Z, I would've never believed you needed 25 horses or more on a Z, but I found out different when I bought mine.

    Deck / blade-wise, there's not that much difference in the power consumption between a 48" and a 60" (yeah some), but when the wheels suck the power from the engine, you need every spare horse you got to keep the blades from totally cutting out.

    It's those hydros, for some reason they suck all the power right out of the machine, so the more hp, the better (at least for a ZTR).
    For a 60" 25 hp is minimum, much as I hate to pay for the fuel.

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