Toronto - 2 Positions opening this spring

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    I'm looking for two labor ready individuals to work with our team. The positions will start probably in April (weather dependent) through October. The right candidates will be kept on for the winter to do snow removal.

    As my name implies we provide asphalt sealing and repair.

    Your duties will include:

    1) Truck setup and tear down
    2) Carry buckets of sealer (We do not spray)
    3) Work with applicators to apply sealer
    4) Some canvasing may be required so you must be presentable and well spoken

    What we provide:

    1) You will be provided with a complete uniform as we believe image is everything
    2) You will be provided with all of the equipment needed for the job
    3) All training will be provided by one of our staff


    1) There are several methods of compensation to choose from. We can pay hourly plus bonuses or straight commission of the total revenue a truck makes whether you bring the sale in or not. Commission percentage increases if you bring the sale in.

    What we expect:

    We expect you to be a hard worker with a strong desire to succeed. Your willingness to show up for work and spend many hours outdoors is a must. Experience is not required.

    Send me a private message on this forum for our contact information.

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