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Discussion in 'Network: International' started by TheGCentre, Feb 1, 2006.

  1. Pristine PM

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    Scarborough and Pickering is where I work. I live on the east side of Scarborough. Yeah, there are not enough Canadians on this site :) So many things are different in lawn care that I honestly never realized from State to State.

  2. Gnyus

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    from Canada
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    Hey guys!
    I'm from Montreal's subburb. I went to Toronto to visit a friend this week end and was surprised to see some Green Lawns! I was staying at his place on St-George between Bloor St and College St.
    Go Canada:canadaflag:
  3. TheGCentre

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    The Garden Centre, I am planning to start handing out flyers this week.
  4. TheGCentre

    TheGCentre LawnSite Member
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    earsal I am targeting the areas of Newmarket and Aurora.. I hope you don't mind ;)

    It would be great to get some experience from you though. I'm sure you've gone through quite a bit..
  5. gofrisbee

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    Toronto here! Yonge & Eg

    Half my flyers go out today, about 2000

    We'll see how it goes
  6. justgreen

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    its my first year as well. I'm working in the Oakville/Mississauga/Etobicoke area. Mostly residential. How do you guys price?

    Just Green
  7. TheGCentre

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    It's great to see people from the area in here. Pricing has been an issue for me on this site, everyone discusses pricing according to state, in US dollars and I cannot relate to that.

    My intention was to start with residential only since it is an easier start and could be done by a one-man-team, but I did get quote requests from two different commercial sites. I have organized a meeting with one of them today and see what service they require.
  8. shepoutside

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    Cambridge area here :canadaflag: welcome aboard !!!:waving:
  9. TheGCentre

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    So how do you guys distribute flyers? I called Canada Post to find out if they would do it, but apparently a regular thickness paper flyer is too think for them to accept, it has to be at least .18".

    Do you go door to door and distribute them?
  10. cuttinjoe

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    45 min north of Guelph is where you'll find me:canadaflag: :canadaflag:

    This year I'm going out on my own part time. I work for a lco in town but there's lots of work to go around. I'm originally from Hamilton and considered moving back to start up a company but changed my mind based on the amount of guys already doing it. I'd love to hear from some lcos from Mississauga and oakville. With all those new homes going up I'm sure the competition is fierce. Plus the winter work down there doesn't pay nearly as well. We were out plowing 35+ times this year.

    G-centre- I plan on using ads in the local paper but I only have about 6000 potential customers.

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