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Discussion in 'Network: International' started by TheGCentre, Feb 1, 2006.

  1. TheGCentre

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    Well, there are many ways to advertise. I believe driving around and seeing properties and putting flyers in mailboxes is a good idea even though it is time consuming (but it works).
    Also newspaper and magazine advertisements are good.
  2. mdm property services

    mdm property services LawnSite Member
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    i too am from newmarket, first year start up
  3. TheGCentre

    TheGCentre LawnSite Member
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    MDM we'll probably cross paths in the future
  4. Ray&Christine

    Ray&Christine LawnSite Member
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    Sorry I didn't respond earlier, I forgot about this thread. We mostly do residential, but we do a few commercial properties. What part of the city do you work in?
  5. TheGCentre

    TheGCentre LawnSite Member
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    I've been distributing flyers in Aurora, but more going to Newmarket and Stouffville
  6. mdm property services

    mdm property services LawnSite Member
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    i've been a technician at Magna Golf Club in Aurora, On for the last 4 years. Decided to go out on my own. I currently have 6 commercial buildings and working towards approx 20 residential. all my properties are in newmarket, aurora and Sharon, also a couple in richmond hill. Alot of money in this area.
  7. Chris I

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    I've worked for a reputable Burlinton-based company for 4 years and I'm going to start my own this season. I'm getting a late start on the prospecting, but hopefully I'll get some contracts. I'm focusing on residential sites in the Hamilton/Stoney Creek area.
  8. justgreen

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    hey guys,

    It looks like there are quite a few people who were out today getting ready with their lots. I am in the same position as the guy above, where I've gotten a late start. I was wondering if I could ask some of the experienced members here what they would do in a similar situation.
    If it were possible to get doorhangers made this late in the year, would you assume it is going to be profitable this season? or is it too late at this point to advertise and assume even a 1% return?
    Also, at this point of the season, would it be more useful to go door to door to get some contracts, rather than through advertising?

    Thanks for any help

  9. mdm property services

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    just green

    i put out 2400 flyers in the paper a few weeks ago and received 6 calls. One lady has confirmed and i am still waiting for the other five. Next saturday, weather permitting, i am going to hit the streets with an aerator. with any luck it will be a sunny day and homeowners will be in their yards. i try to get on a personal level with potential customers and try to sell them not only on regular maintenance, but also additional services (aeration, overseeding, organic lawn programs, tree and shrub maintenance)
    In responce to your question if your too late?? i would say no but for the return you will get i think there is better ways.
  10. coif_kid

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    from Ontario
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    This is my fourth year in the Business as Treegrove Lawn Services. I'm very concentrated in the Aurora area, but have some accounts in New Market. Personally, I think now is probably the best time to start advertising. To those who advertised in march, I know based on previous experience that you guys majorly overshot. While that doesn't mean no response, your response is certainly less than what will come in the next few weeks were you to advertise them.

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