toro's leaving lines

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by AffinityLawns, Oct 6, 2002.

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    Hey Scott,

    The reason I said that is because my Atomics are shorter than my Gators so when the goin' gets tough, the Atomics leave some uncut grass between the blades.... (So much for buying the expensive blades :)
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    The reason I said use the high lifts is because I don't get as good a cut when I use Atomics or Gators. Even the high lift mulching blades dont work as well FOR ME as just regular high lifts without muclhing cuts in the blade.

    I've gotten away from using mulching blades and just use regular high lifts now.

    I'm guessing it's because the high lifts literally vacuum the blades straight up prior to cutting them. I get a more even cut, less missed blades of grass and I never have had a problem with clumping cuz I never cut when wet. I ALWAYS side discharge unless it's leaf cleanup time, or if I'm using the 21" mowers.
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    If these mowers you have are Toro riders,possibly 300 series, in answer to one of the replies on here suggesting installing the blades a certain way, THAT will do no good as they're probably belt drive and you always get a certain amount of slippage. You can install the blades a certain way and 10 minutes later check them and they aren't going to be in the same positions they were.
    If they are the type I'm thinking of, I agree with the spindle diagnosis. I've had a 300 series for years and have never had a striping problem.

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