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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by banjoman, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. banjoman

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    As the mowing season is getting closer, I have come to the conclusion I need a 36" WB for a couple of sloped properties where the ZTR's don't do so well. Since I only need one for a few yards, first good "cheap" deal on a 36" belt drive that i can find I will buy. I would like to have a Toro with the T-Bar, its the easiest style of controls i have ever used. If I ended up with another brand like a Bobcat, Scag, or John Deere, would it be possible to mount a Toro T-Bar handle onto one of those mowers. I know i might have to do some drilling and fitting, but it "technically" would be possible right? Any feedback will be appreciated.
  2. jiggz

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    Bad idea really bad idea.. Your going to run into alot of problems and welding..i like your creativity im the type of guy that would try this. But only if i had an old t-bar and and another old walkbehind lust laying better off just looking for a toro honestally .depending on how steep your hills and if your going sideways along the hill you might be better off with pistol grips because you have more control of strong arming the machine.. My t-bar is great on flats but hills i mutch rather have my pistols
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  3. banjoman

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    Id say its best not to try it then, my creativity can sometimes be out there :dizzy:. Its just WB's are HARD to find in my area. Most of the ones i see for sale are 3-4 hours away. Chances of finding a 36" Toro with a T bar is very slim.
  4. Turf Tracer

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    T Bar sucks...especially on the hydro's.

    Because it's a joined control you don't have full independent control of each individual drive wheel....same goes for Hustler's H Bar.

    It's great for belt drive units if that's all you can afford.:nono:
  5. Jason Rose

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    I don't have tons of hours on one myself but I owned an older Toro T-bar belt drive and compared to other belt and hydro drives it was awesome! A walkbehind that could be ran by anyone, just push the handle forward and it goes... I didn't put much time on it on hillsides, very little actually, but I recall it was harder to control because of the lack of leverage and ability to really slow down one wheel and still maintain your forward speed.
  6. CowboysLawnCareDelaware

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    I love my T-bar 36", it's so easy on flat ground but it can really need some man handling on slopes. A lot more force than pistol grips would need. If just for slopes then I would buy a pistol grip over a T-bar if I had to choose.

    I used an Exmark metro 36 pistol a couple years ago and I liked it but my thumbs were raw by the end of the day even wearing gloves. I have absolutely no such issues with my T-bar but don't need to deal with many slopes.

    The Toro Grandstands are suppose to be the best stand on mowers with hills.

  7. banjoman

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    Ive actually considered one of those 30" Commercial Timemasters, but id like to use one first and see what they are like. Too bad most of the dealers around here don't believe in Demos. :-(

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