ToroTime Master 30 vs. yBravo 25 vs. BOP Quickie 32 dually....?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Exact Rototilling, Apr 9, 2012.

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    Would be nice if this T30 would come w/ an hour-meter, fwiw.
    I pray the future(?) commercial version has some BEEF wherever it needs it, yomsain?! :)

    Lush Spring growth is a beotch.

    How'd those new blades for your Q32 come out?
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    skipped all posts after I read yours.

    this review and comparison is GARBAGE.

    the one and only reason is because the timemaster is NOT a commercial mower and is NOT ment to be. and your comparing it to a quick 32 which I know is commercial and I'm not really sure about ybravo. I've heard of them but never we don't have dealers so never used one.

    but the bottom line is, this is not made for commercial use. so to complain about say the wheels cracking. well if your using it more than once a week on more than one property a week of course the wheels aren't gonna hold up.

    this mower is made and designed for the average homeowner. NOT the commercial guy trying to save some money or is too cheap to buy what he needs and should buy.

    I'm kinda tired of all these threads bashing the mower because it won't perform or hold up to commercial use when it's not suppose to in the first place.
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    I'm kinda tired of people telling people who KNOW that it's a homeowner mower that it's a homeowner mower.

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    Yeah, best not to read the whole thread and just go-off shooting from the hip. Easier done after a few beers. -heh-
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    This may have been your first mistake?:rolleyes:

    We all knew this going into the thread, from the first post on.

    I believe the OP was suggesting that these mowers were for occasional use on certain properties?

    Actually, I use a small 24" Crafstman that I keep on my trailer. For me to buy a commercial version for the 2 times a week I use it, I think it would be a waste of $$. IMHO, this thread has great info. in it.

    I will agree that commercial mowers and homeowner grade units should not even be in the same category. One must keep in mind that even though you may be a professional LCO, there are certain situations where it makes sense to use another method/machine to get the job done and still have a few $$ in your wallet.
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    Funny....I had a reply I going last night...checked incoming text and lost it. :(

    A number of my properties are just better off mowed with the T30. Faster for a number of reasons. All of those lawns are small. Probably so small most would think just hit it with a 21".

    Rapid height adjustment with single lever for front and back even with engine and blades engaged. I'm tall and have a good reach may not be possible for others. Not to worry lever is positioned far enough away from bottom edge of deck. One lawn I prefer to bag and mow lower in the front and mulch mow the back and double cut. I just stow the mulch plug loose in the catcher when doing light bagging. Spray paint it white for well.

    Lowish suction is a plus when you have to bag....thus fewer clippings generated. When bagging I would consider it semi-mulch mode. Similar to Toro SR4 but nicer cut. Also if you have picky clients requesting bagging the mulch plug clicks and locks in place with bag installed.

    Bag is easier to empty than yBravo 25 due to much wider opening. YBravo barrows heavily from Ariens/Gravely design.

    Personal pace drive is insanely easy. Assit handle makes it less of a pita in tight small areas. Example ...mower is side ways in front of you mowing east or west... grab assit with finger tips engage drive and regulate one handed. Also smoother starts than Ybravo 25 which is prone to turf burn outs. I think yBravo improved this on current models.

    More in the next post....
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    Let me revisit the issue of 21" vs the T30. All the lawns I use the T30 on are smaller practically courtyard the point many would think the time saved is not worth a $1099 mower with electric start. Guess again...I hate 21" mowers almost as bad as lawn tractors...and i have never run a lawn tractor...topic for another thread. :) The mental agrivation saved in NOT haveing to run a 21" is worth it for me. The time savings is an added bonus.

    T30 trims much better than my yBravo or even my Q32 in most instaces due to deck overhang. Not nearly as good as a Q36 or Q44 but handy to say the least. So yes for light incidental use as a trim mower....? Yes! Also has side discharge option and can mow higher than the yBravo 25. YBravo has zero intention of changing that aspect last time I aaked. :(

    Even if the wheels do brake on this mower... so what. Thus far they are holding.
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