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    I have a torque convertor belt on a snowmobile engine that ends up twisting and eventually running upside down. Anybody got suggestions as to what is making it flip over and what can be done to stop it from happening again?
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    Well living in the Sunshine State I have never lay-ed eyes on a snowmobile but I do work on Polaris 4 wheelers with the vari-drive system. Just a few things I have found on them are weak engine mounts causing the engine to twist slightly when gassed, The rear driven clutch hanging up or not moving freely or a groove worn in the drive clutch just off the neutral position. Could also be a misalignment between the two clutches.
    Maybe this will give you a starting point.

    Good Luck

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    I was hoping you might post something else Rob....The engine is a 440c Rockwell JLO mounted in a Max amphibious 6 wheel drive ATV. I had it out in the desert for an initial run and along trouble with the Walbro carb, I found the belt issues. The engine and drive are aligned... Let me ask this one....If somehow the belt was too big of diameter, could it twist? I got the machine well used and it is so much fun I just have to keep playing....
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    Bill, It seems to me that the thicker or deeper the belt the less chance there would be for it to roll, Least thats what I've seen on mowers when a 4L belt was put in place of an A belt. Do you know that it has the OEM belt on it ?
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    Just a dumb question. One some Torque converters the belt is angled one side and straight. If the wrong side is facing the wrong way then the belt will not run right. I have seen this happen on the COMET Torque Converter. Just a thought for I have never seen a snowmobile but on for TV.
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    Thats a good thought, But I figured the comet set-up to be a little small for something this large but I guess it could have a larger version.

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    This is an old Salsbury clutch convertor, it appears to be angled on both sides. I don't know if I have the OEM belt, but that is the next step.

    I have to get the carb issues solved first, and I think the way I'll do it is switch the Walbro for a Mikuni slide bore.

    Then I'll dial in the clutch. Thanks for the insight, I'll let you know what I find out.
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    Happy New Year to all of you.

    For those of you who have never seen a snowmobile (FL:, NC, CA), worked on one, or better yet had the pleasure of driving one, you have no idea what you are missing! The units are simple to work on, reliable to drive (start easily at -30 degrees!), and they go like h3ll! Some of the latest models will push 100 mph right out of the box (a little crazy in my view).

    The nay sayers who poo-pooed Polaris ATVs when they came out with the snowmobile belt drive system (rubber band, as they called it) really had no idea what they where talking about. Those of us in the snowmobile world see belt drives with 120hp pushing them. Nothing but power, reliability, and simple gearing.

    The snowmobile trail network up here extends for thousands of miles. The trails are all groomed dead smooth for two way traffic. It is common for us to do 200 miles in a day of cruising.

    True snowmobiling (not just a guided tour at Lake Tahoe) is something you really have to try some day. The scenery and fun will leave you wanting more. The raw power is amazing.




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    My family owned a boathouse that sold Evinrude outboard motors, and subsequently, snowmobiles. I used to ride all the time. What's the hot one these days? When I left it was the Arctic Cat Thunder Cat, which could easily hit 125 on dry lake beds, and yeah yo're right, it's nutso!

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