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The blade bolt size on my lazer is 15/16, I cannot find a torque wrench with a drive that size, my question is do they make a socket type torque wrench, that would accept a 15/16 inch socket??? Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I am stumped!

What do you guys use to troque the blade bolts (I dont want to use an impact wrench!)


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They sure do, visit Sears.
You are using a 15/16 socket with a 1/2 drive aren't you?


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Why, do you need a torque wrench? Just give it 1/4 turn past tight. I have done that for 18 years with no problems. I have such a difficult time understanding just why changing blades is such chore on this site. You need four tools.
1. 15/16 combination wrench
2. 15/16 socket
3. 15/16 rachet
4. breaker bar

That is it. Guys it is not rocket science.


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Originally posted by Luscious Lawns
I impact wrench them off and impact them on, have done it for over 10 years with no trouble.
Same here. I used to do it with wrenches until I discovered an air commpressor and an impact gun. I take blades off using setting #4 on the gun (highest setting) and install them on setting # 2 (medium setting). I double checked the tightness with wrenches and they were fine. You might have to experment a little but it's well worth it, IMO. I have been doing this for about 3-4 years now. It's one of those things I don't know how I did without. Good luck.


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If you have'nt done enough mechanical work to have a good idea of the torque you are applying to a fastener a torque wrench is a great educational tool. Over time you may not use it as much once you develop a feel for torque as others have mentioned.
We all like to use our impact wrenches to save time but in the hands of the inexperienced they can cause a lot of damage and or extra work. A current model quatity 1/2dr impact wrench with sufficent air flow and pressure can produce 600-800 ft lbs. A lot more than necessary for any mower fastener.


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I agree with Jagor, but chances are you guys are not buying the good impact guns, probably $150 ones from sears. A good impact gun will run you at least $350. The cheap ones where out fast and will sound like they are really torquing the nuts down, but they may not be and I personally dont like the idea of a blade coming off. I know blades turn in the direction so they tighten but still. Either way you should get the wrenchs out and make sure they are tight. Also by ripping the nuts off with those is a good way to strip the bolt threads or round a nut off. They produce a lot of torque. Yeah they are fast, but nothing beats doing something by hand, plus you know you did it right and there is no guess work. Like nelbuts said "its not rocket science".