Tossing ads on driveways..Marketing question

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by A1Lawns, Mar 3, 2007.

  1. Darryl G

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    What's the matter...bored and wanna start some more trouble? Grow up dude and learn to market yourself like a professional.
  2. tiggazee

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    I've done it before. It usually works pretty good but only in certain middle class neighborhoods. Of course some people don't like it, but thats anything. Do it. It works real good.
  3. Lazer Cut

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    i didnt think this was to bad... until i have had 3 different companies miss my freakin driveway and land it in the yard or street gutter... and one looks shatty as hell!!!!!! another is decent but still landed in my yard. Half my neighborhood I seen bright green flyers in plastic bags in the yard etc. I would rather someone stick a flyer in the mailbox then in my yard. just me.

    If you hit my driveway ok... miss it come on. we have a driveway on one of our houses that's 2+ car wide and they still hit in the sidewalk-yard
  4. CedarStore

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    There's a lot of cheap ways to get your message out there without littering the lawns you'd like to help maintain. Where do your prospective clients hang out, besides their homes? Are there small or privately owned nurseries, garden centers, or farmers markets willing to display your flyers or (even better) toss one in their shopping bag along with their purchased items? Even putting a pile of post cards at the register will give people something to pick up and look at while waiting for their purchases to be scanned and bagged.
  5. impulse2010

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    Opening mailboxes and not being a mailman is a federal offense, unless its your own :). Just getting that out there so someone business doesnt go under for opening a mailbox and being fined or jailed lol...
  6. Darryl G

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    In fact you can't put anything in or on the mailbox or even the post supporting it...not legally anyway.
  7. BadRancher

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    I have actually talked to people that have had LCO's use this form of advertising and the asked if I did this any. I told them no. They said it didn't bother them and they thought it was smart and efficient. This person cut the regular 8x11 flyer in to 6 sections and put them in small snack bags with a clear, color shaded, quartz like rock. I thought it was pretty crafty my self. My. Biggest issue ws people getting pissed about it, but after talkin to a few customers I believe I may try it.
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    FATTUNA LawnSite Member
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    Not only do I have a lawn service but I have a very succesful and very large restaurant as well.. One of the things we've done an incredible job of is effective marketing.

    The first thing that I thought of when you asked what to weight down your ad with was to see what your business name is... A1 !

    There you have it... You and everyone else will think it's nuts, but are you going to remember the guy that puts a rock in a bag and leaves it on your driveway or are you going to remember the clever guy that used A1? Besides it's going to make people think.. What the hell does this have to do with the AD? NOTHING other than your name and to peak their curiousity and get them to call you.

    Try to find some "take out" style A1 packets or small plastic bottles... When I traveled for business, I flew first class allot. I know that very small plastic bottles of A-1 are available. Look on the net.. Not only do they look just like the big bottles they shouldn't be very expensive, and most people won't have ever seen them and they will think wow..

    I'm telling you, as crazy as it sounds give it a shot.. It's the ideas that always seemed the dumbest or craziest to me that packed my restaurant the most. Let me know if you use it and how it works out...:usflag:
  9. GunnPropertyServices

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    what about flyers on cars under the wiper ? anybody ever try it ?
  10. XeriCare

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    I have to pick those up all the time in my driveway. I just cannot see a homeowner wanting to hire a company that throws crap on thier driveway for them to pick up. Stick with flyers on doors and direct marketing.

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