Tossing ads on driveways..Marketing question

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by A1Lawns, Mar 3, 2007.

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    I didn't take the time to read all 9 pages, however...

    I know that it is 100% frowned upon on this site to do that sort of "flyer" distribution. I personally could care less what anyone else thinks if it got me customers, I would do it, I just wouldn't post on here a question asking an opinion.

    So with a all that said... I had a customer who purchased postcards, he put 5000 in a bag with a rock. He told me he was going to toss them on driveways. He asked my opinion... AND I QUOTE... I said, "Sounds fine with me, just don't tell anyone on lawnsite you did that!" haha!

    It's not that often I hear much back from customers, usually they get their stuff move on, order the following year etc. This customer emailed me specifically to say, "The ziplock bag and rock worked AMAZING! Phone was ringing off the hook. Those guys on lawnsite don't know what their missing!"

    Now I am in agreement that it doesn't look that professional, but if you get customers from it really who cares. The customer that complains about a bag on the driveway... Do you really want a that picky of a customer any way?

    So if my customer is any indication... we should all be doing this!!

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    I'd call you back and then I'd spray paint my business phone number on your truck. I think that would get me tons of calls. Hey if it works, who cares?

    Oh, then I'd make you eat your ad. Bon Appetit! payup
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    I guess if it works, then it works... Where can I get those baggies? Just kidding. In Arizona, it is mostly the undocumented types who throw baggies on the driveways, but those guy do get a ton of the work. Go figure.

    I still don't like the idea, but that is just me.
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    Bob, I would be more interested in seeing a sample of the postcard you sold him for my next year order with you. I think my last two orders with you i may have made them a little too elaborate to target my right audience. Always interested in seeing other ideas that are working for other LCO's.
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    Dave(if my memory is correct)-

    Send me an email, and I'll be happy to show you his ad. I don't think he will have a problem with that, but I'd prefer not to post it in this thread.

    I will say that he did have a spot to write in a price. I am a FIRM believer that this should be done whenever you can. It really takes the guess work out, and makes it easier on the customer.

    If you like I can also include in that email a link to an article I wrote on the idea of leaving a price vs not leaving a price.

    Now as far as "too elaborate" I actually got some pictures of some more "modest" houses for that exact purpose. I try my best to provide every one of my customers a truly professional piece. I never want someone to feel they were cheated. I've seen other design company's give a VERY low budget design, and I would never want to give a customer that. HOWEVER... with all my stuff, if you wanted something that looked "less" elaborate, or even lower budget I can do that. I do LOTS of mailings during the year, for my own lawn care company, and I change the ads frequently so it's hard to track exactly what works best, But I even have some that the back is black and white.

    So, I can see your point, but on the same token, maybe it's not the elaborateness but rather the content of the card. Sometimes, fine tuning a card is better. I truly feel that overall, the door hangers and postcards that I see are way too busy(i include in a design what I'm asked, I offer LOTS of advice whenever asked). There is that old marking term KISS (keep it simple stupid) and it seems that lots of people forget that term.

    Sorry for rambling but while were on the subject.... I don't remember your card exactly, but i think one of the biggest downfalls on response rates in our industry, is that the "special offer" isn't "special" enough. People can't get hung up on what they are "losing" in year one. They need to think of the money they will make on the LIFE of the customer. It's MUCH cheaper to keep a customer, than obtain a customer.

    I'll stop now, because I would write and write and write. Give me a call and lets talk about some things we can try.
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    Will do Bob. I do agree. I experimented with some advertising with a 'price' and the response rate was much better than one without. I am coming to understand that maybe simple is better. Im going to drop you an email and forward my last postcard you made. But make no mistake, you are hands down the best on quality and pricing. You have superb just more interested in tweaking the 'right information'.

    David Harris
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    forget that. people around here would hate you if you threw something on there driveway. although people around here dont mind you opening up there mailbox and putting flyers in em. lol so different places, different rules. I know some say oooooo well touching some1's mailbox is a federal offense! blah blah. ive put over 3000 flyers in mailboxes without 1 complaint around here. ive had customers say they appreciated me doing that instead of them having to pick them up off the ground in there yard from blowing OFF the mailbox!
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    Hey, if it works who cares? Could you drive around the nice areas of town instead of all the places that like trash in their driveways? I want my number out there.
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    The rock idea (small) works. If your starting out this is a cheap way to go and you will get business. People do look at it and if you do enough in certain neighbour hoods you will get work, try it. Remember it represents cheap. You don't have to like it; test it.

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