Tossing ads on driveways..Marketing question

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by A1Lawns, Mar 3, 2007.

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    No. I don't smoke. I wear a shirt. I have a new trailer. And people couldn't possibly care less that my trailer is new. They'd care if I was shirtless, obviously. That's just gross. Trailer? Not at all. 9 out of 10 customers aren't even there when you mow their lawn anyways. I could mow their lawn naked and they wouldn't be the wiser.
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    I honestly think you would get fined for littering and made to go back and pick them all up.

    But, beyond that.... There is a such thing as negative advertising, and this would perfectly define that.

    If you want 15,000 people to no longer be potential customers because they think your lazy, cheap and disrespecful, by all means.... have at it.
  3. Darryl G

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    Maybe not jail but the fines are real...again, enforcement varies. And I didn't write the regulations, just citing them. Sorry if facts bother you!

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