Tossing ads on driveways..Marketing question

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by A1Lawns, Mar 3, 2007.

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    I seem to find these things thrown in my driveway a few times a year...once I actually called the guy, and asked about his rates, if he was insured, and then had him come over to give me an estimate. When he showed up, he saw my 3 trucks fully lettered and all of my equipment sitting in my driveway, and promptly turned right around and left. Haven't seen him around in this subdivision since.
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    And your an a*shole dude. I have read many of your posts.

  3. A1Lawns

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    Messages: 217 you would be more offended by an ad on your driveway which is LEGAL, (btw, it is NOT littering. I even called the police and they said to call planning and zoning-lol, you know what that means???...that its NOT illegal and that they also don't want to deal with it!) over someone stuffing an ad on your mailbox which is a FEDERAL OFFENSE?

    I see now. MmmmmmmHmmmm :rolleyes: :hammerhead:
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    Hears your help.......This is considered littering, buy a book of stamps and mail them. Take a little extra time and go to the door and introduce yourself. Take that filer to a local news paper and have it published in the classifieds. Don't litter the homes you are trying to sell your services to. I have no idea what kind of operation you run, if you are running a professional service or your goal is to... rethink this kind of lazy advertising. This is not the road you want to go down. This is something a 14 year old would do after school. If you take a minute and think about this with raw personal honesty you will see what I am saying. Remember the average fine for 1 event of littering is 50.00. Be prepared for people to call you and demand you return to pick up your trash.
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    Just because Sean Adams put it in his book doesn't mean its a good idea... does he even have a landscape company? Gurus, especially the internet variety are seldom as great as they would have you believe, many are down right fraudulant. Hell I could easily write a book portraying myself as a successful business owner just by regurgitating tidbits gleaned from lawnsite when really its only my second year.

    Just because the police told you to call someone else doesn't mean you can't get fined for it. Have you ever heard of a code enforcement officer? Its basicly their job to hand out fines for things like this, if there is in fact an ordinance against it in your area.
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    also way to resurrect a 2 year old thread to sling an insult
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    Sorry but an ASS needs to be called and ASS.
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    Anything that is placed on my driveway i just run over, bad marketing imo
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    Actually at our Tru Green branch one year about 1978, a woman came in and tried to sell the manager on small plastic rain guages with our name and number on them. I think we ordered a couple thousand. (Not sure if the poor lady ever got paid). I don't recall exactly how we used them in our marketing plan. They costs us about 50 cents each. (maybe).

    Actually you could enclose a half an ounce of grass seed for weight in your promotional bag. Or maybe a plastic coffee mug or glass, (which could double as a rain guage.) Could also enclose a sample of fertilizer--suited for house plants or hanging baskets. Or maybe some wrapped and sealed candy--M&Ms for instance. Mars bar.

    Or maybe the bag doubles as a a soil sample bag--they get a free soil test if they fill it and and bring it in, or call for an estimate. (If you didn't want to spend much--just use a pH meter or test kit).
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    ive done it each spring and have tossed em only next to sunday papers, always had great response and never a complaint. you guys may think it's unprofessional but its netted me over 100 residentials in less than 5 years.

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