Tossing ads on driveways..Marketing question

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by A1Lawns, Mar 3, 2007.

  1. ThreeRiversLawn

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    I've never done the plastic bag thing, but I've seen quite a few for house cleaning and other services. In fact I have to pick them up when i blow the driveway. All i've come across use little rocks. Not a big fan of 'em, as most have posted.
  2. HARRIS Property Management

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    I would say its ok for the newspaper company to do this because that individual most likely paid the newspaper company to deliver it in the driveway. Big difference.

    I would suggest surveying some of your existing customers what they think about them as a basis for what to do or not do. Its the people out there you got to sell...not other LCO's. I asked several of mine over the years in conversation. I havent heard anything nice yet about it.
  3. outdoorsmanjw

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    I don't think this is a bad idea as long as you don't use rocks and try to make it look the best you can. I would say you can cover at least twice the area by doing this. However I could see people getting mad, but some get mad at people just for hanging door hangers.
  4. lawnjockey56

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    in all the time ive done this, its funny the only gripes are on lawnsite from other lco's lol. just grabbed 3 accounts this week, 2 next to one another, and one in an area i'm trying to get in, just put 500 out this morning with the sunday paper.
  5. IN2MOWN

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    Its illegal in the city I live in and the 4 surrounding cities to do it.
  6. A1Lawns

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    How do you find out for sure if it's illegal or not in your area? Which department do you call? I called my local police and they said to call zoning and planing??
  7. JohnnyRocker

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    No better way to announce "New Scrub in Town!!" or "Look How Much We Care!!", then throwing crap out of your vehicle onto someones driveway. It's laughable, yet sad at the same time.
  8. FourTrees

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    Try the Business Licensing office. They are the ones usually in charge of solicitation licensing, which I'd guess this falls under.
  9. SangerLawn

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    In my area it is the city commissioner’s office that charges. It funny because if you call any other department they don’t know anything about permits but if caught by the city commissioner you will get huge fines.
  10. A1Lawns

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