Total Brush Devastation By Peco

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  1. Mowingman

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    This has got to be the most outlandish, blatantly false claim by a manufacturer, that I have I have heard in a long time.
    As a person experienced in brush clearing, I can say for a fact that you WILL NOT clear 6 acres of dense or even medium thick brush with this dinky machine. A person can not walk behind this machine and cover 6 acres in a typical day. You might clear 6 acres, if you are only mowing grass, or brush that is no thicker than a typical twig. However, if the conditions are like those in your promo videos, then no way. Get real guys, this is not a 6 acre/day clearing machine.
    Heck, Fecon only claims you might average 3 acres/day using their 140HP machine with the 6' mulching head. And, the operator is riding in an climate controlled cab to boot.
    Lets back off these wild claims and get real.

  2. PecoVacs

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    At no time did we specify the exact material you can clear in a day. But like you state above, 6 acres is certainly possible if it is light brush. It would be stuff you can't cut with a mower, but a Billy goat or small units like it would not be practical to use. We are not misleading or making wild claims.
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    I think he is talking your typical brush hogging job (flat field). It would suck to walk 6 acres in a day... alot. But you prob could do it. The value in this machine is terrain that would make ride in/on machines a pain in the ass or impossible. And jobs that arent worth hauling 5 ton machines to, or access issues.
  4. PecoVacs

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    Mowingman, would you like to schedule a demo? It doesn't sound like you have run the Brush Blazer, but we would like the opportunity to show you what the Brush Blazer can do in real life conditions.

    You are correct in saying that the Brush Blazer will not cut 6 acres per day of the most of the material in the video such as trees and large brush. But we have tested the machine and spent many hours demoing the unit to know what the limitations of this machine is.

    Give us a call and ask for Jason Harris to schedule a demo.

  5. Mowingman

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    I would certainly like to see this machine working. If I get a clearing job that this machine might be able to handle, I will contact you about a demo.
    I do agree, it is a big step up from those little junky DR and Billy Goat brush cutters
  6. PecoVacs

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    Great! We look forward to showing you what the Brush Blazer can do. Just give Jason a call when you are ready.
  7. PecoVacs

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    We have recently made a few design changes to the Brush Blazer. We now offer a new blade that gives a much better finish cut in tall field grass than the previous blades. These new blades will also chop the same size trees more efficiently. We now also offer two engine options. A 31hp B&S Big Block or a 28hp EFI Kohler. The Briggs gives tons of power and is great for flatter ground with slight hills. The EFI unit has a little less horsepower, but the EFI allows use on much steeper ground with no fuel starvation. Give us a call to schedule a demo at your job! 1-800-438-5823. Ask for Scott.
  8. lrbaer

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    I would like to demo this unit. I live 5 minutes from airport rd.
  9. DuallyVette

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  10. PecoVacs

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    Give me a call Irbaer, we'll set something up.

    Scott Heseltine

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