Total Chariot Confusion (models)

Discussion in 'Great Dane' started by Envy Lawn Service, Feb 8, 2004.

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    OK I have a friend that will be getting into the business this year and he has asked for my help in choosing a mower. He is totally sold on the Great Dane because of the center sticks design.

    Anyways I took him to a few dealers to take a look at the mowers and to make a long story short I haven't been much help. I've gotten totally confused about the models and what's available. Between the models at the dealers, the website and the old literature, I'm lost.

    He will probably buy a 48" or 52" Z. So what is available and what are the differences in the models?

    Do I have this much straight?

    48" = 17hp & 19hp / Chariot and Chariot Jr

    52" = 23hp & 25hp / Chariot, Chariot Jr and Chariot Sr
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    Great question and it does get confusing. Dane does not use the name chariot jr anymore. They have a chariot which starts at a 48 deck 17 kawi motor. They go as big in chariot model as 61 deck kohler or kawi 25hp motor. The new deluxe chariot is called the chariot lx. Models start at 61 25 kohler or kawi. With the lx you get the Deere suspension seat, one piece frame design, and your option of controls either center or over the lap handles. They ship with the center controls, and the lap handles would be an option. Go to a dealer soon there is a tremendus financing program going on until march and should be some cash deals as well.

    So the long and short of it chariots will be cheaper in price than the new chariot lx but is a sweet machine and worth the extra cash.
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    You are close. The new models which hit the market in early 03 are the Chariot and Chariot LX. The main differences are the frames and the engine and deck combinations offered. The Chariot is our small frame "Z" and the Chariot LX is our large frame "Z" and they are offered in the following configurations:


    48" Deck with either a 17 HP or 19 HP Kawasaki Engine

    52" Deck with either a 25 HP Kawasaki or Kohler Engine

    61" Deck with either a 25 HP Kawasaki or Kohler Engine

    Chariot LX:

    61" Deck with either a 25 HP Kawasaki or Kohler Engine or
    a 27 HP Kohler

    72" Deck with either a 27 HP or 28 HP Kohler Engine

    The controls are the same on both units but the Chariot has smaller tires and wheels than the LX.

    Both units have fabricated 7 gauge decks

    This some of the basics. I hope this helps. If you need further information, please get back to me.

    Many Thanks,
  4. Envy Lawn Service

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    Thanks for your help. Now I'm back with a couple of questions. Do you have an accessory list for mulch kits, baggers, ect. or are these not offered by Great Dane? How do you feel the Great Dane matches up to others in slope performance? Also how do you feel the single under seat gas tank plays a role in this performance if any?

    Now to the deck. I'm going to post a picture. Is this the deck on all '03 or newer models? If not, what units are they on? Now as for the deck pictured, first I would like to know if that part on the front is just a lip or a boxed section? Also I would like to know if that is some sort of discharge flow control baffle I see in the left and center chambers?


    new dane cutterdeck.jpg
  5. Envy Lawn Service

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    Well, I helped Great Dane make a sale. I got him hooked up with a new Chariot. But I still haven't had my questions answered. What gives? I guess I should just go look at his. But I couldn't go with him to pick it up the day it came in and I haven't had time to chase him down to look it over.....
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    thanks for the help, and as far as accessories goes there is a mulching plate and late last year a new bagger system Your dealer has the information about it. It is one of the largest baager units out there.

    Due to our low profile and weight being held close (gas tank helps here also) to the ground we have beter traction on slopes then most other commerercial mowers.

    The picture you showed is available on on all 03 models of Chariots and Chriot LXs. There is a flange in the front fro strength. the baffles assist in the design flow of the cuttings moving to the discahrge side.

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