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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by eltorohb, Nov 12, 2013.

  1. eltorohb

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    I'm looking online at the hustler super z 66in deck . It states total deck width is 72 in but I'm guessing that's including the chute down . I need it to go on a 72in trailer but my main reason is my roll up door on my building is 71 inches . The dealer is about a hour away so I just can't swing by and measure . Any help would be great . Also I've been reading up on this mower and alot of good things has been said about it so if anybody has any input on this mower that would be appreciated.
  2. ducnut

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    Yeah, that dimension has to be with the discharge chute down. There's only ~1" overhang on each side, past the blades. On the trim side you've got the airgap, deck thickness with reinforcing rib, and plastic bumper. The discharge side just has the airgap.

    The oversight I see is trying to stick that much mower in a 6' trailer. You better measure your door opening to verify it's width. You're only giving yourself ~3" of play on each side, if the deck were only 66" (but, it's more like ~68"). I know I can't get my machine up the ramp and into my trailer that accurately. Furthermore, I'm not sure I'd want to even deal with another 6" of deck width in my trailer. I think 60" (~62" measured width on mine) will be about the max limit for your trailer's width.
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  3. eltorohb

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    Thanks ducnut . I was just trying to get all I can without buying a new trailer and trying to find a new place to keep the mower .
  4. A. W. Landscapers  Inc.

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    When I was looking at the X-One, I was also concerned about the overall width of the deck. The measurements listed on their website for the overall width didn't seem right. When I went to the dealer we put a tape measure to it and the deck was several inches less than what was listed on the website. On their website it says that the 60" deck has a width of 66". If memory serves, we got a measurement of approximately 62"…never did figure out where they got the other 4" from…it's not from the chute because the chute is much larger than 4". The 66" deck is probably about 68" without the chute. Call the dealer and ask them to put a tape measure to the deck because you need to get an accurate measurement before you can commit to taking the trip to their dealership to make the purchase.
  5. ducnut

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    I thought it was, but, had mine off and a Power Chute installed from the beginning. The OEM chute is in the attic of my shop and didn't feel like climbing up there to measure it.
  6. puppypaws

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    My 66" Super Z deck measures 68", and I know this it be accurate.

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