Totaled my trailer today

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Currier, Jun 28, 2002.

  1. Currier

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    I was driving along just minding my business when WHAM I felt the trailer jerk HARD. I looked in the rearview mirror and it must have been five feet in the air! When it landed the axle completely snapped off. The trailer stayed attatched but there was debris everywhere. The Walker (unharmed...thank you Lord, was sitting on top of the 21" Ariens. The aerator has some serious sheet metal damage, the stick edger is dead, and the trailer is totaled.

    I was going over an overpass and apparently about 1" of my trailer tire hit the footing. It was enough. It sent that sucker flying! I am just happy that no other cars where involved, nothing fell onto the interstate below, nobody was hurt, and I did not recieve a ticket.

    One interesting point: that footing should have had a curb tapering in to it but it had been re-asphalted recently. They had just broken the concrete curb into pieces and pushed them to the side. You could see that they had asphalted on the broken pieces of curb. Guess they figured they didn't need to recurb. I wish they had...
  2. KirbysLawn

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  3. Glad to hear nobody hurt. Bad enough when we do it to ourselfs, but to mess up and injure another, that would be hard to live with.
    I've noticed myself cutting corners too close, guess its time to get my eyes checked before I follow your lead.
    And like there isnt enough maint. to do as it is, then this....
  4. Currier

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    My thoughts exactly Kirby! I had been wanting to get a different trailer. I go shopping tomorrow. Now if I just hadn't ruined my trade in!
  5. ADMowing

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    Sorry, buddy! Glad no one was hurt! Maybe today will be a MUCH better day! God Bless!!!

    A & D (Alex and Debbie)
  6. MOW ED

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    Sorry to hear about your bad luck but as you said, it could have been worse.
    Does your insurance cover the damage or are you gonna just eat this one?
  7. Jimbo

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    Hope everything turns out well Currier.

    It makes me think about my own set-up. I tie down my WB, but my Scag ZTR has a parking brake which locks the wheels solid. Plus I think the hydro locks the wheels as well.
    Anyway I don't tie it down, and I can just imagine what might happen if I curb it like Currier did.

    Who ties down and who doesn't on these ZTR's?
  8. Big G

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    I don't tie down, but I have an enclosed trailer. Sometimes the ZTR does move a little from side to side though. Guess I shouldn't take those corners at 75mph, it upsets my wife too.
  9. Brickman

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    I don't tie down. I have a 2 x 4 cradle the tires sit in to keep it from moving. It still can if you hit a hard enough bump.

    If you wiped out like was mentioned above you would have to have logging chains to hold the stuff down. Most straps never would.
  10. brucec32

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    I used a landscape trailer for 10 years, but I realized all along that there is a certain risk to towing a trailer around all the time. I've had my mowers "jump" in the trailer after bumps too. Since I don't have a lot of equipment for a crew (one lazer Z hp, a 21" trim mower, a trimmer, a blower, and a bagger kit) I decided to look for an alternative. I found it and it works great! Here's a link to a site that sells them.

    It's called a "safe-t-ramp" and cost me about $550, shipped. It can support a 1500 lb load (I think) and I can drive my lazer right up into the bed of my Toyota tundra. With a long bed truck, you'd have plenty of room for a Walker and other stuff. The cool thing about it is that it mounts to your class III trailer hitch receiver, not your tailgate, and it installs in a minute or two. It's heavy, and well built, so you'll need a hand putting it on (I put mine on myself, but it's tricky by yourself). The weight in the bed meant I had to install "helper springs" on my Tundra. No big deal, they were on in 30 minutes and cost only about $60. Better springs are available for about $150 if you carry really heavy stuff. An anti-roll bar would help also if you want max stability, but mine feels secure when loaded.
    You also have to do precise calculations to make sure your mower will clear properly. My Lazer Z hp has a "tail" on it that will hang up if the angle is too steep. I use a 2x8 board laid on the ground to give the tires just enough lift to clear the ramp w/o dragging the tail on the ground. Any walk behind would fit with no problems, though.

    The advantages I see are:

    1. Much better gas mileage: up from 12.5mpg with a trailer to 15 mpg since the trailer drag and weight is gone.

    2. More secure load. The bed sides hold your equipment in.

    3. No trailer to deal with. I no longer have to worry about jumping curbs with my trailer, finding a spot to park a long rig, etc. At the end of the day, I just back my truck into the garage and I'm done. It's also nice when homes are really close, I can park on the side of the road and not block driveways.

    4. Saves on wear/tear. I used to burn up a set of trailer tires a year ($120) since they tend to wear the side corners off. It also saves on brake/engine wear on your truck from the extra load of the trailer you're slinging around.

    5. Safety. Stops and accelerates MUCH better. You can also back out of driveways into roads much faster and easier than with a trailer. You can get your rig into smaller properties than with a trailer.

    6. Allows you to use a ligher duty truck since you're not hauling and braking a heavy trailer.

    7. Economy: I figure it will save me about $400/year in fuel/tires/wear, so it pays for itself in a season and a half.

    Disadvantages are:

    1. Space, of course: Can't carry as big a variety of equipment or haul a lot of clippings, etc. But for basic mowing, it works great. But you can alternate and pop it off on days you need a trailer.

    2. Load/unload time. Because you have to undo a few more bungee cords(used to stabilize it at top, see their website) and unload your gear, it takes me a minute or two longer to load/unload.

    3. Bed wear: You need to have a good drop in liner to avoid damage to your bed from a 1,000 lb mower banging around.

    It's been a great tool for me. Much safer and easier to use than seperate ramps for each wheel(that's scary to think about).

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