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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by procut, Aug 13, 2006.

  1. procut

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    I drive past the local Kentucky Fried Chicken today and couldn't beleive what I saw. A guy mowing with a Huskey tractor, with a probably a 3 to 4 year old girl riding on his lap. If this wasn't bad enough, there was a boy, probably 5 or 6 running around the lawn and chasing the mower. Can't believe KFC allows this.
  2. Liquidfast

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    Why "totally unacceptable"? Lets look at it this way....lets say he absolutely had to do this job at that particular time. Now, he could have left the children at home and alone which could have been fatal. Or, he could have come home to find them missing or worse. He is a parent and that is how he chose to parent. It may not be right in your eyes or 99.998% of decent human beings eyes but that maybe al he could do.

    Anyway, just a thought.
  3. ChadsLawn

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    I use to take my son mowing with me all the time.Well I still do. But now they ride there bikes while mom and I mow. Nothing wrong with him sittng on my lap. But after the age of about 6 He was too big for that. I use to mow a few homes in a small gated community. He would ride his little dune bugy around while I mowed. I didnt worry because I knew most of the people there. He would chase me down and tell me he would be @ that house(pointing) and the mother would usually be outside so I could see her. It all depends on the place and the situation.
  4. SproulsLawnCare

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    I can't say that it is a good idea to have children on or near a mower while you are using it, but it does depend on how they were raised. I used to ride on an open tractor with my father when I was probably 4 years old. I know for sure that I did at 5. He was working in a bumpy field with cultivators, discs, etc. behind it. It was never a real concern since he and I both were brought up around farm machinery.
    I definitely think that it would make a difference on the appearance of your business in the public view though. It also sounds as though this fellow didn't raise his children well around this equipment if the boy was "chasing" the mower around. If he were raised properly around this equipment, he would have more respect for it.
  5. ChadsLawn

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    I taught my kids well. My son use to call my edger "The fire thingy" because of the sparks. But they all know, when the blade are on stay away. Even if Im trimming they know to stay away.
  6. Big M LawnnSnow

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    I can see your child riding on your lap in your own yard as we've all done that with tractors and such.
    But playing near or chasing a mower is out of the question.
    be it your child or someones else's.
    Safety First.... especially for children should be our thought.
    OK now as far as the professional look of it I think it's not a good idea to have your minor children on a job.
    There's always an option... get a sitter or do the job when you don't have to watch the kids.
    Also I wonder what this guys insurance company would think of it not to mention KFCs.
  7. Richard Martin

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    Incredible is all I can say. Go to the website in my signature line for more info.
  8. jt5019

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    Wow some touching stories on that site. I give my daughter rides around my house on my ztr but i never have the blades on. I would not cut a lawn if children were running around on it
  9. Brendan Smith

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    you want to know what's unacceptable? the last time i went to kfc, the woman at the drive through said "oh, we out of chicken". i was like "out of chicken, the word chicken is part of your business name." now THAT is unaccpetable. true story.

    seriously, that is an accident waiting to happen. what a wanker.
  10. mojob

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    How many times have we seen rocks or other objects come flying out from under our mower decks with enough force to break a windshield. I cringe every time I see something like this. I still can't believe people don't wear safety glasses when they trim and it's even more unbelievable to see these same people letting their kids play around them while they're doing this. These are the same people that you see in the emergency room saying "how could this happen, why me?" I don't get it.

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