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    For those of you who don't wish to purchase spray paint from the dealer here is an alternative.

    I had some custom paint mixed at Lowes. It is a near perfect match to Hustler yellow. The base paint used was Valspar Anti-Rust Armor oil based enamel (Gloss Clear Base). The bar code for the formula is 1073-A-20130226123452. There were some other numbers on the computer label as follows:
    107-1Y8, 111-1Y25.5, 113-11,116-2

    I didn't think it would match based on what appeared on the computer screen but the lady said the color on the computer screen never matches the actual paint mixed. She was right. After mixing we applied some paint to the part I brought in and I must say it is a near perfect match. I don't think anyone could get any closer to a match. Both ACE and Sherwin Williams said they couldn't match it based on their tint spectrum. One quart costs $13.98. Save yourself some time and just go to Lowes with the numbers above.
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    WOW! Hi-Five on the research! thank you big time, I'll let people know.

    Brian O
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    Go to John Deere, get their Industrial Yellow used for their Industrial tractors, backhoes etc. Not the green and bright yellow. the industrial yellow, comes in spray cans, quarts, etc.
    Exact match
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    Krylon or rustoleum old equipment yellow is so close that I cant tell the difference.

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