Touching on Trichoderma in the cocktail

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    [re; trichoderma antagonistic to AM or not]

    I'm initiating a new thread briefly mostly because I wanted to respond to Bill's statement;

    Just because T-22 was one strain which I mentioned, does not imply in the slightest degree that is what I'm thinking. Please give me more credit than to be so narrow minded. You should know by now I don't usually blurt out unsubstantiated drivel. I have a plethora of studies, on my computer, sent to me by a number of colleagues, which I'm working my way through carefully so as not to draw an unjust conclusion. It involves many strains/races of Trichoderma. These points I've made clear but you seem intent on pigeon holing me to one or two strains and to the fact that I'm against including them with mycorrhizal spores, neither of which is the case. I might have said this a year ago but I have read studies on both sides and have yet to decide one way or the other.
    By the way it is common in scientific literature to use the one word Trichoderma in general discussion.

    Since you are so fixated on the exact strains/races perhaps you should tell us which strain of Trichoderma harzianum you are using. There are at least 37.

    When I'm done my review and also when I get my broadband connection restored I will post my thoughts/conclusions along with some supportive literature.

    This is nothing personal and is all in the interest of discussion and I'll gladly sit down for a drink with you, especially if you are buying.
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    would anyone like to continue educating us?

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