Tough Cell Phone


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Sacramento CA
I was grinding the grass build up off my blades. The build up that was removed ended up all over my jacket, turning it a lovely green. I decided to remove the dust I would beat the jacket against the stucco garage wall. It worked great. Then I remembered my cell phone was in my jacket pocket I had just smacked twenty times against the wall.<br>My Qualcomm phone survived, the battery popped off partially, and plug recepticle cracked, but a few adjustments later, it works fine.<p>That has my vote for quality.<p>I cast a vote in my direction...idiot


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I have driven off a few times with a motorolla on the hood of the truck just to see it fly off behind me on the street it survived three times but the fourth one was not so lucky


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Central Florida
My Nokia got run over last week. It fell off my trailer and was in the road for probably 45 minutes before I noticed it missing. It was still completely intact, but the LCD was cracked. It would still come on, you just couldn't see what you were doing.


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South East
I keep my cell in my shirt pocket. Have dropped it so many times bending over. Finally tied a string to it and around my neck. Phone still works fine though. I agree they are very tough


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NE Ohio
My pager has been run over bye the walkbehinds twice. It has also sat on the road and watched cars go by. I think it's part basketball the way it bounces. <p>Mike<br>Greenkeepers