Tough Decision: Do I Allow Seasonal Unemployment?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by jbell36, Dec 3, 2012.

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    Son.. given that he's asking the question that he is asking here, I'll almost, ALMOST be willing to bet that he has not been paying into it every quarter.. but hey I COULD be wrong, after all I thought I would win SOMETHING on that big Powerball drawing and didn't even match 1 solitary number...

    So to the original poster, given you are asking the question, you would be best to continue paying your guys (however you pay them) for the off season or else when they put your name down on the form, the $hits going to hit the fan pretty quickly for you..
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    Ill take the no answer as a no
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    Once you hit yur max percentage for your state it doesnt cost you anymore. It is not your decision as stated above. If you dont have work they have the right to collect. Beside wouldnt you want to keep them happy so they want to continue to work with you?
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    I agree with everything you said except for one part. The employees do not pay into unemployment. We the employer pay out the butt for their unemployment. Each quarter we pay state unemployment and in forth quarter we pay both state and federal unemployment.
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    so i've been out of town for the JD factory tour deal for the past few days...

    my accountant takes care of most everything...we most certainly have been paying into unemployment...

    i think you guys are getting off track a little bit...i understand that if they want to file they can, but i find that kind of a cheap way out, the same time it's not the easiest to find a job right now for 3 months and only 3 months, but it's question is what do you guys do, encourage them to get a temporary job or just let them file? i was just hoping to get more information from guys in a similar situation, i'm trying to learn more on the subject...
  7. jbell36

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    this is basically what my accountant explained to me...i guess i just don't understand it well enough yet, have we already paid enough into an unemployment account, are we going to have to pay more next year, etc...i will set up a meeting with my accountant tomorrow, just hoping to see what i could get figured out on here first

    and once again, it's not the point of "letting" them file, it's encouraging them to get a temporary job as an alternative...our employees would listen if we told them to get a temporary job, but if it's fair and or worth it to just let them file then so be it
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    Depends.. a filing against your business counts against you on your rate when it is recalculated, so more than likely the answer is yes. If you could impress upon your current employees that finding short term employment during your off season would make you more open to bringing them back next year if they wanted to come back.. then maybe that is what they would do. Should be plenty of temporary, short term jobs available out there through legitimate temporary employment agencies.
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    How about checking to see if you are eligible to get some training assistance through the employment commission and send them to a class or two in the off season. You still have to pay them minimum wage but often the state will pay for a few approved training programs. Maybe an OSHA safety course some thing.
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    Most of what you said is right this line isn't. The employer pays into the fund not the employee it comes out of our money not the employees check.

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