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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by BB_TN, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. BB_TN

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    Another homeowner looking for advice to make the final decision in order to cut 2 acres once or twice a week. Looking for a mower to last many many years. blah blah blah

    and the options are.....
    1. Exmark Quest 52"/24HP B&S ELS $4950
    2. Hustler Fastrak 54"/21HP Kawasaki $5197

    I like them both and in my small residential application, I do not know how I could go wrong with either one but would like to hear some other opinions. Which one is going to have the best cut? longest life? easiest to maintain? etc.

    Same hydro-gear motors ZT2800.
    Hustler shows blade tip speed at 18,200fpm vs Quest @ approx 18,000.
    Hustler top speed 8mph vs Quest @ 7mph.
    Both felt and drove great but didn't have a chance to test the cut. Hustler was very smooth but I liked how the Quest drove exactly like my neighbors much bigger Lazer that he uses for commercial applications.

    I am thinking a better cut from the Exmark but the Hustler would be a true workhorse. Anyone have any input?
  2. JRS Landscaping

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    im an exmark fan never had a problem with them. and have a really nice cut
  3. J&R Landscaping

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    Exmark and Hustler are both good units. The Hustler comes with a 4 year warranty. The Exmark with a 3 year warranty. I would go with the Hustler unit you specd out with the kawasaki engine. I would stay away from the Kohler Courage engine. JMO
  4. BB_TN

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    Thanks for the input. I went ahead and bought the Quest 52"/24 B&S. I have two Exmark dealers minutes away and the Hustler dealer is about 45+ minutes from me. If I ever need parts, I figure it would be easier to obtain them for the Exmark.

    I now have 2.8 hours on it as I did the second cut today. This thing is saving some serious time!! The mower feels great and I love it. The ride is great, the spring seat is very comfortable, controls are great, motor has plenty of power. The Trivantage deck is solid and cuts extremely well. This thing is going to be a huge time saver and (hopefully) will be well worth the $$ in the long run.

    One thing I am having to get used to is that the left / right handles touch each other in the middle / center. Is this normal? My neighbors lazer z didn't do this and it seems like I am going to rub them together over time and wear out the grips where they touch each other. Maybe this is just me being a newbie!!

    How high should I be cutting my tall fescue? I am cutting at 4" but I have been told 3.5" should be the norm. Thoughts? It looks good and I bought this mower to save time so I could cut twice a week if needed.......and wouldn't need to scalp it!! Am I cutting it to tall????

    I appreciate this great site with all of the informative posts and all the advise. Now I just need to find something else cto do as I am already looking forward to mowing again!!
  5. LarryF

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    Good luck with it. My Exmark is a Lazer Z HP, but I'm sure the control handles should be the same. When the left and right on mine are pulled in, there is about a 1" gap between the two ends. Since you just bought yours, why not take it back to the dealer to have that problem fixed? Those arms are bent tubular steel. It might be that one of the arms has the wrong bend.
  6. fishinpa

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    from SE PA
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    I remember someone posting about the Hustlers controls touching, actually I think it was me... (?)

    The Hustler rep in the forum here said to just push them to the outside limit and push a little more, worked for me.

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