Tough drainage situation...ground water.

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by mrusk, Mar 19, 2011.

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    I've done alot of drainage jobs with success. Normally, we just do some type of french drain and we are good to go. I looked at a job yesterday that has me stumped.

    Its a 40x80' front lawn. Its very wet. By looking at the swampy area in the woods right next to the lawn, its pretty clear that its ground water coming up. The customer has it is we all year round. The yard section does have some pitch if that matters.

    How do I deal with this situation? The entire lawn is almost equally wet.

    I'm thinking we almost need to dig down 2' and lay down 12" of clean stone, then fabric on top and then topsoil.

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    I'd be checking his septic tank first, then look for a way to make a surface drain like a V shaped lawn swale with a french drain. Another thing to look out for is where are the roof drains going.
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    If its wet all year its got to be some sort of ground water.

    If it were me, I would start by figuring out where I can get the water to exit the property.

    After that I would work up my game plan on how to do it..

    If its the whole front yard, I would run a main drainage line through the center of the yard, then run smaller branches off of the main line to collect the water.

    Another thing I would do, is after you get you drainage system in place, back fill and do a rough finish grade. Then wait a week. After the week wait is over, go back in and see if there are any other wet areas.

    But, with out knowing where you can run your water to, it might be all for nothing.

  4. mrusk

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    We definetly have room to daylight drainage pipe.

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