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    Just finished reading a thread about Buckner brass heads. My wife & I take care of a small 10 unit apartment complex near Fresno State University. We had 13 or 14 brass heads stolen from our complex. Heads that were still installed on galvanized nipples were safe. The street that our complex is on is lined with similar complexes. I walked in both directions for about a half a block each way from our property and yes the other complexes had brass heads missing as well. We replaced with plastic. Has any one else had similar situations? Copper wire is also hot around here.
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    do a search for the " stolen backflows " thread
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    Welcome to modern times. The Buckner popup sprays are over twenty bucks apiece in brass. The manufacturer recognized the theft problem, and offers a chemically-blackened version of their heads and nozzles.
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    Certainly a big increase in scrap metal people advertising in this area. Irrigation theft has been an issue in our area for several years now. :cry:

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