tough to answer i know/please help anyway

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rock hill s.c.
I am currently working on my biggest bid to date,it incudes a local bank with five branches.Just to cut each branch would probably take me 1 hr a piece to cut,trim,edge,and blow the parking lot.The furthest one is 20 miles away from me with the other four being within 10 miles of my house/shop.this bid would include aerating/seeding/fertilizing once a year,pine needles twice a year and pruning the trees and bushes at least once a year,if i had to guess it would probably be at LEAST 250 bales of needles between the 5 branches maybe closer to 300.I know this is a VERY vauge question without actual sq. footage but i REALLY need help on this one.I am thinking 2k a month,that braeks down to 500 a week or 100 a week per branch,with this little bit of info do you guys think i am in the neighborhood or not?thanks for the help.


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All this depends on your lacatio, and how prices are in your area, but you said the banks will take you an hour to cut, consider drive time, gas, labor, etc. you want to make sure yur making at least 60 dollars an hour.That would leave an addittional 40 sollars a week per site per time your there to pay for all the additional services your providing.Im not taking the time to add up all the numbers, but at first glance it seems you would lose in the end doing all the stuff besides actual cutting. Only my opinion, i certinly could be wrong.


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Figure out your costs.

How much for your pine needles?

How much for your fertilizer?

How much for this?

How much for that?

Personally, I'd say you're on the low end, but not too low.

I do 5 banks here in MN. I don't aerate, I don't overseed, but I DO trim the bushes and re-mulch every other year, along with weekly mowing.

I get $400 / month for each location. Each being on 2 acres of property, so there isn't much grass by the time you take out the parking lot, bushes, building, you get the idea.


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Your questions are all very valid and reflect the need to know what it costs to operate your business. Use a search engine to find info about how to write a business plan.

Develop a business plan just for this bid. Once you know your costs the rest will be easy. It will take a few hours to write but the results will be very enlightening.

Most businesses operate using a gross profit margin and yours is no exception. Setting a price and working backwards will not always generate a profit.