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Tough week

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Well it was a tough week. Third week I have been working started on a new job, pulling stumps, rough grading and moving around fill to prep for loam and seed.

Week started with the F-550 picking up a 12" piece of rebar from morons power brooming crap into the road. Then second day on the job broke a band on the VTS barely got it back on the trailer. Quickly found a 277 to get in and working. Then busted a line on the root grapple while moving stumps. But got the job done by todays deadline and talked to Dale (KRTRAXX) and got a set of replacement VTStracks that hopefully should be here next week. Decided to go with the stock replacements not the V style Ideals or the ASV style one.

Here are some pictures of the 277B, My Gehl before and After it was sidelined and the Deere 120. Really liking the 120, kinda tippy but it does have the long arm but really fast and tons of break out force.

Sky Window Building Vehicle Plant

Sky Vehicle Road surface Tree Asphalt

Land vehicle Vehicle Tree Slope Yellow

Sky Vehicle Tire Cloud Plant

Sky Vehicle Cloud Wheel Tree
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So will you have time to do a push off with the skids???
When I busted my T190 track, it had actual steel cables in it, not that skinny crap that you got, yours looks like individual strands of cable.
1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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