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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by cochino12, Jan 26, 2006.

  1. cochino12

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    what is the typical length tounge on a trailer? I am pricing trailers and would like to be able to fit my trailer in the garage at home.
  2. Ric3077

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    Hey, I just bought a custom trailer and it is currently being built...should be done in a week. Anyway...I had the same issue, the town I live in requires me to keep the trailer in my garage if I am going to run the business out of my home. My garage is 19'6''. I was going to go with a 16' trailer but the tongue is typically 3'6'' and the gate on the back can add 2'', so that wouldn't fit in my garage...your garage may be bigger not sure. So what I did is had them make it 15' long that way with the 3'6'' tongue and the 2'' on the back would still only be 18'8'' long total and leave me 5'' at the front of my garage and 5'' at the back of my garage to fit in just perfect. I didn't want the 14'' trailer cause it would be too small...but the 15'' will be just fine. Some tongues can be up to 4' need to check with your trailer shop. But I specifically told my shop DO NOT MAKE THE OVERALL LENGHTH LONGER THAN 18'8''. Hope that helps!:blob1: :blob4: :blob1: :blob4: :blob1: :blob4: :blob1: :blob4:
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    I measured both of mine and they are 43".

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