Tow behind aerator on garden tractor?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by chevyaddict83, Jan 4, 2014.

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    Mine was a JD 4500 that weighed 3450 without any other weight added including the fuel or loaded tires etc. With the dual rear wheel weights I had on each side I was at 4K and with the FEL (900 lbs) or any other attachment I was well over that amount. I wouldn't want to run it on a nice lawn anymore than i had to. I ran it across mine now and then, but never in the same track going one way and then the other. The CUT I have now weighs 2K without the FEL and it doesn't cause any problems unless the ground is saturated with water.

    I wouldn't want to run my 48" plugger behind my Z950. It has plenty of power, but when the spoons are buried in nice and deep, it puts a good load on whatever is pulling it, and I won' subject my hydros to that.
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    That was a nice tractor. I have the 3520, so a touch smaller. Had a Kubota B2710 before that, and it would have done a fine job at aerating with a 3pt hitch plugger.

    Makes sense about pulling with a zero turn. I'm also considering a used 32" gator rator that's for sale nearby. 32" might be less stress on the hydros. Your zero turn is also a tad bigger than the Snapper I'll be using.

    There are plenty of used 3pt hitch aerators around in 48 to 60" widths, so I could get for around a grand. I just don't know if going that route is sort of defeating the purpose of aerating and the gator rator would be half that much.
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    That Kubby would have been ideal for what you want to do. What kind of soil are you going to be dealing with? Your 3520 is a nice machine and it might be alright in your area with a 3 pt plugger as long as you don't have wet conditions to deal with. Only one way to know for sure.

    Try to see if you can borrow or rent a pull behind and see what your Snapper can do with it. If you have lots of sandy type soil, you may not have any problem, but then again, sandy soil rarely needs aeration. Good luck.:)

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