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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Espacesverts, Apr 15, 2008.

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    I just got a commercial property that I need to aerate. I presently use a small aerator for my residential costumers. Is a tow behind aerator that I could pull with a ztr could be good? Like a john deere or agri-fab. I don't want to buy a big commercial aerator that you put on a 3 points hitch because I will only do this account with that.

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    A tow behind like the Deere or Agri-fab is ok. You do have to be able to bring it out of the ground so you can turn around and got back down the next row. Be sure and check out the lift handle with the tractor/mower it will be used with to find out if lifting it out of the ground is easy to do. You will need weights (bricks steel) to keep it in the ground
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    I used a swisher tow behind my great dane stand on last week and it worked great, I have to say I was expecting the aerator to not do a good job but it worked great.
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    Look into a Trac Vac aerator from Palmor Products and build yourself a wood box instead of concrete blocks. Just throw bricks, rocks, dirt or even the fertilizer bags in the box for weight. I pull it with the largest tractor style mower I have. Add a couple of John Deere electric spreaders and regulate them really slow then you can aerate and seed/limestone all in one pass. Really saves time and effort. Also recommend welding a thick washer on the tow bar hitch point of your will wear out fast.

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