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I am having trouble deciding whether to buy a tow behind or walk behind type aerator. If you use a ztr for the tow behind, how fast can you go. I do mostly average size residential yards and want to buy what will get me in and out quickly but also do a good job.


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I purchased a Grate Poker tow behind true core aerator this summer to use this past fall. I also purchased a hitch kit from Toro to tow it behind my Toro Z Master. As with most tow behinds, it has it's quirks but I am 100% happy with it's performance. You have to be careful with your turns or you'll tear some turf up. I have it completely filled with water and the soil penetration varies from lawn to lawn. I purchased the 36" model at the advise of the salesman. I thought getting the 48" model would cover areas faster but he was correct in saying the larger the unit, the bigger the turning arch needs to be. As for how fast you can go, (again on his opinion) the faster you go the better the penetration. When you slow down or stop, it lifts out of the soil sometimes. Our properties vary in size from 4000 sq ft to 30,000. It works awesome on the larger wide open lots. On some of our finer homes though, we still use a walk behind aerator unit that we rent. I paid about $500 including shipping for the unit which was beefier looking than I thought it would be. Their web address is Get the heavy duty transport wheels if you go with this unit for the constant ramping up your trailer gate it will encounter. I am very satisfied with it and it has already paid for itself 10 times over just this past fall.



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I'm putting the finishing touches on an aerator
that started out as a combination tow behind/3pt
hitch rig.It's now mounted to the front of a Toro
Z-Master.You didn't say what type of ZTR you have,
but I can supply you with the info on what I have
on my set up.The aerator is a 48" K-D brand.I can aerate about as fast as the mower will go.It has an electric lift
that will lift 1000lbs. at 3/4" per second with 6" of travel.E-mail me if you would like more info.

How long of a plug does that thing pull if the ground is good and moist?

Are the plugs big and nasty? How many weeks are they visiable after the aeration was done?

I called that company today and they answered all my questions. They will even provide me with extra steel so I can turn it into a sit down sulky to be pulled by a walk behind.

This will be my second try at a aerating sulky and I am going 1st class with this one by installing a high back suspension seat.

The problem with the first aerator I built is the tines are too fragile for sports (rock) field use. Most of the tines are shot and it costs $700 for replacement tines (that will be shot in a year) and about 2 days labor to replace them.

Since I only have $80 invested into that Dedoes greens aerator sulky (and used it for a season) I won't cry any when I leave it at the junkyard.


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Scottt, This year a bought a Lesco 42" split reel tow behind. I'll never walk behind an aerator again. Do a search on this topic, you'll find a lot of info.

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I also suggest the Lesco/Classen built tow behind. I've had mine over a year now and it is very heavy duty and built like a tank. I fixed mine so it will only go in a certain depth, either 2", 3" or 4" which is nice when you have hard as soft spots on a lawn like most of mine are. It has a split axle so you can turn fairly sharp without tearing up the turf. After using it one spring and two fall aeratings, it hasn't bent any spoons or broken any. It has my stamp of approval, big time.

I did a search on aerating and found 96 threads on this supbject and here is lots of reading for you.

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