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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by tnmtn, Dec 31, 2011.

  1. tnmtn

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    I have been getting some calls for aeration and topdressing. did a few jobs this past fall and am looking into getting equipment to do this more efficiently. most of the areas I will doing are larger and generally on a slope. I am looking at tow behind units for topdressing and aerating. considering an aerator to run on a small tractor 3 point and then tow a topdresser with the same tractor. i have found good prices on used turfco and other brand topdressers, any suggetstions for a good aerator. i have been thinking about the aerovator from 1st products. any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. phasthound

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    Some of our clients use First Products' tractor mount AERA-vators with seed box attachment for the sports turf they maintain. They swear by the results they are seeing.
  3. agrostis

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    The aeravator work's great. It IS a better machine. But it stir's up the ground completely. It might be too much for existing turf. It also run's off of a PTO so technically i woudn't call it a tow behind. But that is just splitting hair's. It is a good tool.
  4. tnmtn

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    what about aerators that could be towed with a atv? any suggestions as far as brands. all the work so far has been on distressed yards. good grass in most of the yard.
  5. agrostis

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    You might want to consider a ryan pull behind slicer for a ATV. The super heavy-duty one's that were designed for golf course's.
  6. ted putnam

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    I have been considering a tow behind aerator for some of my larger accounts. I have been looking at a pro-aire tow behind. It appears to be of good quality and is priced reasonably for a "professional" quality piece of equipment. Anyone have any experience with one of these???

    CHARLES CUE LawnSite Silver Member
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    Were you looking at the heavy duty one it looks like Ryan with no holes on top. The lighter duty one don't look to bad would you go with a manual lift or the hyd one. Ryan offers a 12 volt lift.

    Charles Cue
  8. marquis de sod

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    I have a 48" Pro-aire tow behind and it is a nice, heavy-duty piece of equipment. I would get the extra tines to pull more plugs per sq. ft. I pull it behind a 26 hp kubota zero turn with no problems. It will back into corners though you may tear a little depending on soil moisture.
  9. 17 years growing grass

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    We have a few; Ryan walk behind,Lesco tow plugger etc. I like them however we have a Aera-vator that is used on the front of a Steiner that is the best.It is so great in the fall coming off a time of very little rain fall. It is sold by Ventrac and fits both Steiner and Ventrac.If you see one it will be obvious that it is made by 1st products for Ventrac.

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