Tow-behind or Rental aerator?

Discussion in 'Rental Equipment' started by BluegrassRules!, Mar 29, 2011.

  1. BluegrassRules!

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    What are most of you doing about aerating your lawns? I have centipede grass and would like to aerate about twice a year. I have a Scag Freedom Z that can tow 250 lbs. so a tow-behind aerator should work OK. Now I know the ones from Lowes or Home Depot won't do the best job but I really don't want to go broke either:dizzy:. I also would not mind hiring a pro to do it.

    Any thoughts?

  2. benjammin

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    I've got centipede here in southeast NC. I looked into renting a core aerator for half-a-day to do it myself but ended up hiring a pro for about the same cost.
  3. avguy

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    With all the red clay we have here I've got to put quite a bit of weight on mine to get good penetration of the soil. I would think this one would be comparable to the ones you rent at HD. You want to be sure to make several passes.

  4. Capemay Eagle

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  5. 'Baccerman

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    Pulling big aerator is a stretch for the Freedom z. I got a drum aerator from Agri Supply in Raleigh NC and pull it with a big ATV. The 4 wheeler handles it without any problem.:usflag:
    Do a search for them.. they ship. I got the 48 spike aerator and it does a great job.
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  6. 'Baccerman

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    Hey Capemay! Latest addition to my equipment....

    Triumph Nov 2010 002.jpg
  7. Capemay Eagle

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    Wow man nice wheels! I was looking at the Thunderbirds, Triumph really builds a nice bike! They are for the true enthusiast, Enjoy! You are probably are getting more riding weather than we are. I have heard of March showers, but man we are getting March monsoons!!

    Here is my latest ride, I have added a little since this sunny summer pic

  8. 'Baccerman

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    Cool road king... just got through doing some maintenance on my old electraglide.. had a drive belt put on and rebuilt the cv carb. Just like new!
    The Triumph is really neat.. fuel injection opens a lot of possibilities for tuning.
    Got about 1K miles on it.. IMHO head and shoulders above a sportster.
  9. Capemay Eagle

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    Yeah my King is FI, I only use Dynojet! My quads are FI also and I run the Dynojet in them aswell. Easy to adjust, just hook em up to the laptop and set it how you want it. The FI is great in the quads, the power is always there, no lags, great out of the turns! Enjoy!
  10. IS500Z

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    How big of an area are you going to aerate? A walk behind works well and would be less money. Even if it takes you longer, you are only going to be doing it once or twice a year.

    Have to get a picture of my restored (no repo parts) 1937 HD knucklehead for the OT posters.

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