Towing Skid-Steer? (Trailer)

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by EliteScapes, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. EliteScapes

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    What are you guys/gals using to TOW your Skid-Steer/CTL?

    I've been using my BRIMAR DUMP TRAILER 12,000lb with drop axles just to see how it would work because they claim this trailer can carry a skid-steer or ctl.

    However, I do not like the way the trailer or truck handles with the trailer. I've actually ran into many problems with the trailer leading to Bri-mar having to replace the axles with drop axles and new springs, along with jacks to stabilize the trailer while loading the machine all for free!! Simply the trailer didn't handle the weight of the machine, or the weight they claim the trailer could handle.

    Trailer: 2007 7x12' 12,000lb Dump trailer.

    My Machine: 2008 CTL 60 Weight: 7700lbs

    I'm towing with a 03 F-350 Diesel (7.3L)
  2. limaint

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    Might just be Bri Mar... I use a Loudo 14ft dump trailer occasionally to transport my Cat 236 skid loader or my Cat 303.5 Excavator when I want to cut down on the amount of trailers on a job site... They are rated at 14000lbs which gives me over 10000lbs of payload capacity... No problems been using it for over 3 years.
  3. South Florida Lawns

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    You happy overall with your Loudo dump trailer? Anything you would change or wish they did differently? I just purchased a 7x16 open trailer from them. They are built down the road from us and seem to be a good trailer. When I get more into landscaping I plan on purchasing a 14k 16 foot dump from them.
  4. wellbuilt

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    I don't have any problems with my 12000lb trailers . One is made by all american steel . The other two don't have names on them .I used the dumps for my mine EX 7800 and skid 6500. I never had a problem . I haul 10000lb all the time . I never had jacks on my trailer i would stack up some blocks to keep the trailer from lifting the rear of the truck off the ground . Most of the time i ride my skid off a equipment trailer in to the dumpster and off a stone wall at the yard . My EX rides on the equipment trailer . The dump trailer are short and the equipment needs to be balanced in the sweet spot. 2" front or back makes a big difference . Your tires need to be aired up . WD hitch makes all the difference in the world . I pull a dumpster with a 2003 excursion 6.0 psd with a 6" lift 35" tires . My 2006 60 psd pulled the trailer good . I have a ford LCF dump truck and cant really feel the trailer unless i'm going up hill . It helps a lot if the trailer tires are aired up . Ive even used a 10000lb 10' dump for my 6500 skid but the bucket has to be hooked over the rear of the trailer to balance the weight evenly. Ive seen the bri-mar trailers and they look real heavy duty .Maybe the axles where never greased ? I just realized my trailer axles had grease fittings . John
  5. EliteScapes

    EliteScapes LawnSite Member
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    Very good info.

    I honestly thought the trailer wouldn't have any problems what so ever..
    I will post pics of the trailer when it was damaged you can let me know what you think went wrong.. The U-Bolts were smashing the frame indenting the FRAME!! Brandnew Trailer!!!




  6. EliteScapes

    EliteScapes LawnSite Member
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    Can you reccommend a quality WD hitch?

    Like I said im towing with an 03 F250 Crew Cab 7.3L Diesel. 12000lb trailer
    Using a drop hitch because the truck has a 6 inch lift..

    As a note im not trying to say BRI-MAR is a bad company, they def. came through under warranty and replaced nearly every part on the trailer.. They stand behind their product..
  7. South Florida Lawns

    South Florida Lawns LawnSite Platinum Member
    from usa
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    what does the dump weigh empty?
  8. EliteScapes

    EliteScapes LawnSite Member
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    ♦ GVWR: 12,000 lbs.
    ♦ Bed Size: 81.5"W x 12’L
    ♦ Deck Height: 27”
    ♦ Empty Weight: 2,890 lbs.
    ♦ Volume Capacity: 5 Cubic Yards
  9. Fife Lawn&Lane

    Fife Lawn&Lane LawnSite Member
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    looks like an engineering issue to me. the trailer is empty(dump is up) the suspension should not be bottomed out with the trailer empty. more arc in the springs, taller spring mounts, or flipping axle would solve problem.
  10. Petr51488

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    Well, your right about at max weight. I have the same trailer as you. The dump weighs around 2900 empty, pluss your skid weighs 7700. Thats right around 11k. I'm sure you have other things in the dump too that weigh more. The one thing i had problems with my bri-mar was that the bolts came loose on the springs... They actually came off, and i noticed a while later when SOMEONE ELSE pointed out to me that i have no nuts on the u bolts. Then i go to re-tighten all of them and they all seemed loose. Other then that, i've had alot of weight in mine, and handles just great.

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