Towing With ZTR's

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GravelyGuy, Oct 12, 2007.

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    Have you guys found that towing is hard on the hydros? I know that I have towed a roller, dethatcher, aerator, and 30 gallon sprayer with my 34Z and I have not had any problems, but it only has around 350 hours on it.

    I was considering starting to use my 260Z, but I wanted to get some opinions first.

  2. Tinkerer

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    Yours is probably rated to tow 400 pounds of dead weight. An aerator though would be harder to pull since the fingers plugging into the ground create more drag. When a dealer can't tell me I have called the manufacturer direct and talked to engineers and got the answer I was looking for. Back in 94 I pulled an aerator with my 1988 Wheel Horse 252-Hydro. It had a 12.5 Kaw and a rather durable hydro transaxle compared to a current same size tractor. This tractor weighed around 600 + 150 (me). I had the engine at full throttle the whole time. The wine from the hydro was a bit louder than normal so I decided after the job not to do aerating with that tractor again. If you do enough jobs maybe picking up a good used JD 318, Toro 520 Hydro or newer 5xi series or maybe an Ingersoll 4000 series tractor which has the hydraulic drive and huge 32" tall rear tires. I have 2 older Case 448s which the Ingersoll line is a continuation of. They are built like a tank. I'm sure there are some used Ariens, Simplicity, Kubota and other garden tractors that could work well for you.
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    Exmark says 80lbs. Dont know if that is tongue weight or total capacity.

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