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    I am purchasing a new truck for the season. All I need this truck for is pulling a tandem axel 16' open trailer carrying a walk behind and ztr. I'm just wondering what you recomend for a truck as far as engine size, brand, etc. I'm looking mainly for dependibility. Also, do you recommend having electic brakes on the trailer or not? Its not that much weight. Your advice is much appreciated!
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    As far as what kind of truck.. that's hard to say. You need to figure out what will suit you best for the type of trailer you'll be pulling, weight of equipment, other uses (plowing, hauling bulk materials, etc) and the terrain in your area.

    On the trailer, definately go with brakes.
    My trailer only cost $275.00 more to add the brakes when I bought it, and I'm glad I did. Not that my truck won't stop it, just that it's nice to have that extra help when the trailer's a little heavy, or when somebody cuts you off.

    Keep this in mind with a tow vehicle..... many vehicles will tow your trailer fully loaded, but will they STOP it ???!!??
  3. Empty to totally loaded.

    3/4 ton truck, emergancies happen whether you have brakes or not, and these trucks are built to tow.V8 gas or disel is a good choice also.

    Why not look into an NPR or a Mits Fuso, 14mpg diesel.
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    When we first started out we towed with a 92 F-150 with a 302 V8 for a year or two. It did the job...definitley earned its moneys worth. Towed an 18ft open trailer with a Scag w/b & a Walker. If money was no object I would go with a 1-ton diesel dump. But any 3/4 ton truck gas or diesel should be able to take the abuse no problem. If possible stay away from the 1/2 tons.

    Definitely go with the brakes on the trailer. You don't have to replace brake pads in your truck nearly as often if you have brakes on your trailer...its a real nice setup....Most brake setups come with a breakaway kit...where if your trailer falls off the truck then the brakes automatically lockup to help stop the trailer.
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    I would buy nothing smaller. Even for a personal driver! I would go with a 3/4 if money is an issue cause you can always put a maxi dump in the bad. Same as a one ton. If you do get a one ton consider a dually. They pull,haul,and tow like no other out there. As the others said definitely get the brakes on the trailer.I do not have them and pullin 10-12000 gets sticky...... They will be on ther come spring!

    Good luck hunting

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    I'd go for something 3/4 ton and up.

    Definately get trailer brakes, it is safer, and will save your truck brakes a lot of wear.
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    i agree with everyone else. i'd recommend automatic if that is a question. can't see using a stick with a trailer all the time, especially when moving in tight areas.
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    I'm with the majority by saying get at least a 3/4 ton. If your a blue blooded Ford man, I'd recomend the 6.8 v10 for towing and daily driving. Mine has all the power I ever needed and with the 3.73 gears its not too bad on fuel. I get 12-13 with my trailer and 18 highway, that's better than most get with the 5.4. The 6 speed manual tranny is pretty much bulletproof and I haven't had any problems with my automatic. I'm not sure I trust the new 6.0 Powerstroke yet. If I wanted a diesel I'd look for a new 7.3 or wait a year to let them work the bugs out of the 6.0.
    I haven't had much personal experience with Chevys or Dodges so I won't say anything about them although I have my opinions.

    Trailer brakes are a very good thing. It may not seem necessary for the amount of weight you are looking at pulling but if you ever have to put a couple tons of fertilizer on it or haul your mother in laws broken down car with it you and your truck will be happy you have brakes, and your mother in law too, especially if you dont let her ride in the cab of the truck:D
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    Brand New, or previously owned new?

    Had a 77 1 ton dually Gmc flat bed, loved it. No problems at all.
    Now I run an 87 chevy 3/4 ton 4x4. Older trucks, but nice.

    Probable will update the truck again next year. Would like to go back to the bigger truck, but a few years newer. I hear they have air-conditioning, and even a radio in a few of them!

    Go with the brakes on the trailer. They'e nice to have on wet pavement with heavy loads.
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    In Michigan the law says you need brakes on both axles of that trailer. :)

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