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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by nosparkplugs, May 7, 2008.

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    I have many Property investors that live out of town, and use our services this is a rental townhouse that the owner was "assuming" the renter was doing the lawn & landscape maintenance.

    Business name selection plays a huge role in todays internet age. I realized that our name was a excellent choice; I continully get business from out of state property management companies & property investors. When anyone does a Google search at least here in the Midsouth; mosy folks are googleing Midsouth Lawncare. Our name is Midsouth Lawn & Landscape, Inc, and I'm getting on average 1 0r 2 new accounts weekly.

    I just cannot be pleased enough with the Walkers ability to handle all property size's. Our Scags would have not been able to fit through gates like this. Look at how overgrown the backyard was? The Walker just powered right through the overgrowth only one pass too.

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    looks much better! :) I love your Walker :drinkup:
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    Nice pics, looks much better after it was cut. Thats cool how they google your name
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    NSP! Where did you find that sky pencil holly? It was hiddin!!:)
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    I dont get Walkers, I"m not knocking them, but in a situation like that aren't you stuck emptying the collection system every 2 passes? That would get annoying
  7. nosparkplugs

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    The Walkers 9.5 bushel optional hopper is huge;even with the overgrowth I only dumped one full hopper. You get more than one or two passes, depending on the size of the account sometime I don't dump at all, also their is no clogging or clumping no double cutting, wet or dry. Even on large commercial accounts I get multiple passes, the Walker mower is the only commerical ZTR Mulcher or Bagger mower I have owned that I don't go "how am I going to get this yard done quick". I still get the giggles when I get ready to use the Walker their truley a unique mower not for everyone. The Walker also makes the customer fell like their getting their monies worth; because you are "bagging" the grass, not the case I just fill the front of the trailer it's quick & cheap. Our Loyal long term customers Commerical or residential response has been: thats amazing, wow, what a nice job that mower does. These are customers who saw my company switch from Scag to Walker, and are really more satisified with the Walker's manicured cut & GHS system. Their a great service seller, and customers will pay top dollar for the Walker cut.
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    Well, at that point you can get a Exmark with Ultravac and not even make one pass before it clogs !

    I heard salvino rocked the mic tonight?!?! NICE!

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