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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by newbomb, Dec 21, 2006.

  1. newbomb

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    I have been thinking this Fall about Marketing to town homes only. I am a one horse operation and I thought it might be easier to build a business in a niche market. Costs for equipment would be reduced and there is an abundance of town homes in my area, also most of the town homes are owned by 2 income professionals. The hardest part would be the season or two it would take to build clientel in a tight route. Any thoughts would be appreciated
  2. Allure

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    around here the contract for the entire development is usually awarded to a single LCO. I would think that would be to much work for a solo operator to handle in the larger developments. Hopefully it's different where you are.
  3. newbomb

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    Here many neighborhoods are individual owners. Some developments do have one company do it all but many do not. The work is here I just think it is a matter of marketing and patience.
  4. jeffex

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    this time of year many small HOAs are electing new officers. I would approach a person in the developement you want to taget and ask if they know who is on the board . Make your proposal to the president and ask to be included in thier newsletter or even attend the HOA meeting . They may already have a LCO who does the common ground but you are asking to advertise to the individual owners lawns. You may have to offer a discount and hope to get volume though. In arbutus the row homes don't all have an association but I used to cut alot over there and the demand was high. the price was not though. I know a guy named Salvador who makes a ton cutting only small lawns with 21" mowers. His niche is people who only want it cut 2-3 times a month and don't care too much what it looks like. His equipment cost are minimal and he doesn't even have a trailer.
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    Townhomes may seem easy, but sometimes they can take as much time as larger yards. If you can get alot of them side by side, then it's not as bad but it doesn't always happen. First you have to find a parking spot for your truck and trailer, townhome communities usually have limited parking then unload, cut, trim and blow then reload your mower and equipment, drive around the back and look for a parking spot, unload and then find out they have a small gate and you can't get your big mower in, so you have to use your 21" and cut trim and blow. It can be time consuming. Sometimes you can't drive around back. You have to carry your equipment to the end of the block and walk it to you customers back yard. I'm not trying to discourage you because I have quite a few but they are not as easy as you might think.

    Good Luck
  6. jeffex

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    I try and look at my motto , " I cut lawns for free and deal with people for money" , when I make decisions on pricing. The price is for dealing with collecting my money as much as the type of yard. My friend Salvador charges high prices for people who can't find anyone else to cut their crappy yard. Gates, hills, dog mess, 10 day and 2 wk. cuts, you name it . The up side for him is he sometimes gets $40 for a town house and people are begging him to cut their lawn. Take a whole area of new style townhouses and cut them all for $20 once a week for 25 weeks and you may get some people who cut their own lawn to sign up with you. I would do this if my real goal was to get the common grounds in the future. I would also try to get $25 first.
  7. cuttingpoint

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    i would find out who makes the decisions for the community....then start sending in bids...
  8. brandtb1

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    Most of the HOA's have a newsletter that goes out to the owners. I would see if I could advertise in the newsletter. The majority in my area are cut by one company at each complex. I would think that your prices would have to be low, since a homeowner with a 21" mower could cut the yard in less than 30 mins. Of course it would not look as good as one that you can do. Contact a resident to find out who is on the board and who you need to talk to about the advertising.
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    in the lynchburg va area most of the townhome have a
  10. browningv308

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    in the lynchburg va area the town homes have HOA that manages the grounds i mostly cut for HOA at town homes and cant wait to get rid of them every other door has a pain in the @ss living in it and the HOA can be a real pain also parking is always a problem so are all the cars you have to deal with to me its not worth the little bit of money it pays

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