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  1. grasschoppers lawn m

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    this year I was thinking about mowing townhomes. In my area more and more townhomes are going up every day. if any one out there has tried them let me know if it is a good of bad and why. thank you for your help.
  2. wojo23323

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    Bad points - Sometimes its hard to get into the backyard. You have to go around all the other units to get to their gate. I have a few I can only get a 21" in the backyard due to the small access walkway behind the units.

  3. paponte

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    There are alot in one area we do. If you don't do alot of them I do not see it worth it. You might have to go through 3-4 backyards in order to get to one person's. Who has their dog out, who's gate is locked, who's watering, it can be a PITA. If you do alot in the area and designate a day they are cut it can be very profitable. Small properties, and good money.
  4. bob

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    Townhomes are a pain. Its hard to make any real money, unless you can get a bunch together. Instead of cutting the home owners lawns, go after their open areas. I have a townhouse development that I cut. Not many access problems.
  5. baddboygeorge

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    the moneys good but the complaints are never ending !! i have set up an account with a carwash just to wash cars that supposedly have grass clippings on them .besides the grass clippings on cars its just a pita all the time.i mean i swear it is always something .have fun an do if ya like the challenge!!
  6. Albemarle Lawn

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    As in not a prince, a toad.

    They will always ribbet about something.

    Rich or poor, doesn't matter.

    I got involved with a townhouse community plowing snow this year. There are 50 snowplow experts who live there and the association manager insists on riding with me in the plow truck.

    Avoid at all cost unless you must to eat!!!

    A few years ago we used to mow a 34 unit townhouse complex. Gave a bid and commenced work. Then one guy put up a fence. Then another, and another.

    Lots of flaky requests like "can you come later my baby needs to sleep."

    A few nasty whining women that always broke your spirit. They would chase us down and complain insanely if anything was slightly wrong. Very little praise.

    It can really have a snowball effect. Your crews will figure that nothing will please the townhouse toad so they quit doing a good job, then the torture really sets in.

    The only satisfaction I got out of doing townhouse work was at this one snooty village property. The people would treat us like dirt and turn their noses up at us at. They were mostly young professionals that drive new BMW or Acura type cars. Worked at dot-coms and were mortgaged out fools. Debt city.

    The satisfaction was knowing that I was going home to my 5,000 square foot house thats mostly paid for, where my five cars and trucks are parked that are all paid for. That I could write a check for the new BMW they bought with a 60 month loan. And I was 24 years old!

  7. thfireman

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    Had a complex that the board members promised no interference from the residence. All problems would be channeled thru the board. No way did that happen. Every old lady and retired man knew more about cutting than I did. You cut to long, Thats not the way I did my lawn in Michigan back when I worked building flying fortresses for the war. On and on and on!! The heck with em. Not worth the head ache.
  8. Russ

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    I mowed on a golf course for 3 years and managed multiple crews doing around 100 acres a week for 2 years before I took on a Town home complex. Funny, every homeowner in there knew more about mowing than I did, and were more than happy to share their knowledge. Then the homeowner landscaping started and I was able to get the mowing down to about 9 minutes per lawn but the trimming and blowing went to about 18 minutes per property. As the years went by the fences, toys, dogs, swing-sets, bicycles, & conversation continued to increase. We don't do townhouses any longer.
  9. Randy Scott

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    I have no experience with townhomes, so my answer may not be too credible.

    From the day I started my business I pretty much looked at that stuff as voodoo. Too many things to put a kink in the flow of your day. Everything you guys with experience are talking about, is what I have pictured in my head from day one. They just look to be a pain in the butt. Even more so, I couldn't subject my employees to this nightmare either. If I, as the owner, could not and would not endure these problems, I certainly wouldn't expect an employee to. Currently, we can keep busy with other work, maybe someday we won't be so lucky.
  10. grshppr

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    We do a few townhomes, some can be a pain as there are 20 experts on lawn care living there that insist you do it their way. Others I have are great and the people jsut smile and wave out the window at us. Some have mazes of gates that you have to go through, or toys to move around on the lawn. Just bid accordingly (don't forget to add a little to cover the annoyance of the 20 experts) and you should be fine. Good Luck.

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