Towns not taking LCO leaf piles

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TURFLORD, Dec 13, 2006.


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    Here in central NJ, always at this time of year, towns start yammerin' about how illegal it is for LCO's to put leaves at the curb for township pick-up. Some towns even go so far as to say that the leaves have to be put into little paper bags that are completely impractical. I've been piling them up at the curb for years at the customers request directly in view of township leaf trucks and have never heard boo from any town about it. Has anybody in NJ ever actually gotten noticed for this? Another question: Would you care if you had to haul the leaves away? I, for instance, would make more money on the deal.
  2. rodfather

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    What difference does it make who leaves them...screw those bags IMO.
  3. carcrz

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    They stopped taking leaves at the curb here. Now you have to take them there yourself. They used to require paper bags.
  4. stumpslawncare

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    Haven't heard of anything like that around here. I don't see what it matters of who piles them up. The customer/homeowners pile has the same leaves that my pile would of had. Good ol' government at work again....
  5. cush

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    Their budget is probably just drained and are trying to cut costs.
  6. Pro-Scapes

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    We can pile things on the curb here in city limits for pick up such as grass and debris and leaves. Most LCO's just dump em to the curb leaving a huge mess.

    In my opinion when the cars come by and blow the crap everywhere or the wind blows it back into the yard it ruins the job. We use 55 gal liners and dump baggers and such into there to contain the debris and leaves or take it with us and blow off the curbs as well. Sets us apart a bit in my opinion.
  7. Precision

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    we don't do leaves here. But it is the same thing with trimmings and other "lawn debris". If the pro comes and does the work, the pro is supposed to dispose of it. If the homeowner does it, the municipality / county will pick it up on yardwaste day. Enforcement is pretty lax unless you do some major rip out.

    Sometimes I even have the yardwaste guys offer to hang out for 10 -15 minute when they see me loading my trailer and let me just load it straight into their truck. Those days are great.

    My county has that included in our property taxes so it is no extra cost for them. It is already accounted for.
  8. NNJLandman

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    a lot of towns around here dont pick up leaves its either put em in a barrel or a back at the street mainly because of how costly vacing the leaves can be, its cost a lot of money to run the machine and make repairs. Leaves get all over they get blown back into yards and all over the street, if they dont get picked up in time they get plowed all over. A lot of towns are trying to do away with it because its just too unpredictable. The next town over just laid out a ton of money to fix their vac that broke right in the middle of the season because of rocks in the piles getting sucked up and breaking the machine. Idots park in the piles of leaves and start car fires....heres a good picture of one last year because of a pile of leaves ha:

    You cant even schedule when your going to vac up the leaves in towns, you can say your gonna be on this street then and over here later but you dont know how long each pile will take, I know that the piles I make at any of these houses are a lot bigger then the people who dont have landscapers because I spend a lot of times blowing out bushes etc where people just rake yards and a lil here a lil there. The town guys dont really mind it gives them something to do really, but like I said a lot of towns have the bags or can pickup which seems to work out well for me at least, 95% of my houses have woods where I can just blow leaves into the woods, only a few where I have a buddy come by with his vac or blow them to the curb for the town.


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    It's the same here...supposedly debris generated by anyone other than the homeowner is not kosher, but I've never heard of it enforced. I've even asked the garbage guys if they could swing back around a second time as they have come when I'm only half-finished.

    Trash guys typically are haulin' butt to get done and I don't think they really care about the rules unless it's an outrageous amount of debris...
  10. Drew Gemma

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    Around here they pick up leaves and they complain when we put them on the curb which is bs. Cuz we always make a nice neat long row so they have an easy time picking them up. Then certain areas require the stupied bags which F*%$ is all I can say. At the end of the year you get the hey I have my leaves out front will you haul them away then you go look and they are all in bags I tell them to dump them out and take the bags then call me and we will suck them up. They never call back! Fine with me. By the way to piss offf the the local villages I dump grass and all in my leaf piles now.

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