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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jplawnservice2005, Mar 7, 2006.

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    hey everyone, I went to the job and measured it all out it was approx 10 acres what im bidding on is a township park, there fire station and senior center and the township hall. there are some play areas and picnic tables in the park area and a soccer field, the rest behind the soccer field is wide open field about 6 acres and the other 4 acres are near the buildings. the contract also states that i have to maintain the flower beds and keep weeds out of the volleyball area and play areas, and empty the crash cans. what i will be using on this property is my metro 48" 15 Kaw and out lazer Z 60" 23 kohler me and one other person i'll be doin the wide open areas while he does closer to the buildings then afterwards who ever gets done mowing first weed whip and then I also help him weed whip. i was considering this account would be around 475-500 dollars each visit. i know its hard for everyone to picture these account but i was just wondering if this number sounds to be rite . i'm guessing that it will be a all day account so i really hope that my price is fair so i can land this account . thanks everyone
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    Sounds fair to me except Id like to see a little more in the weed control budget for the beds and field. You may wish to use a pre emergent in the beds and roundup the grasses in them, and weeds that get through.

    The field you should be able to get done for you for about oh 140/app or so. Its a little over an acre thereabouts. 2 apps would do it....that includes a fert.
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    No, I think the contract will go for less than $300. You get the guy that has a garden tractor and Sat offs and he'll park his azz on it and mow for most of the day for $300. He won't worry about weeding or whipping most of the time. He'll be lucky to spray the weeds illegaly with Round Up once a summer.

    Hate city and township work, It always goes to the son or friend of someone on the board or council
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    I already assumed the kid had an "in" but yeah, theres always the guy with the brush hog, a six pack and a wife at home with a honey do list to bid against on those deals.
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    I'm afraid to say $300 was my first instinct too. It's small enough to get done in a Saturday
  6. jplawnservice2005

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    keep up the good work and let me keep hearing u guys about this post
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    I do a township contract.

    6 parks, give or take 9 acres total.

    I too have to maintain the weeds in the sand pits, volleyball courts.

    I was low bid at $900 / month, basically $25 / acre.

    However, I also own a 2001 Toro 4100 11' WAM that I bought with 300 hours on it for $14k.

    I did this so I COULD compete with the guy that's doing it for beer money.

    I can do all 9 acres, with trimming, in 5 hours, including drive time and the spraying.

    Usually, 1/2 the time there's no trimming involved if you're halfway close to everything, there's no one sitting, staring out their window at night after a crappy day at the office job they hate, just looking for something to complain about. As long as it looks good as people drive by at 25-30 mph, it's all that matters.

    It's really not that much spraying for my account, 3 sand areas (2 play areas, 1 v-ball court) that I spot spray every other month, if needed, sometimes just once / year.

    If you're careful about not mownig grass into the sand, spreading seeds into it, they stay relatively weed free.

    I also do the fertilizing and spraying of broadleaf weeds, but that's above and beyond the scope of the original agreement.

    Also, these usually only get mowed about 18 times / year, since they're clay soil mostly, and once they bake out come July 15, they're pretty much done the rest of the year.

    Oh, and yes, my neighbor is the head of the parks board.

    And I do a school district, along with other fairly large commercial properties, so I didn't buy the WAM JUST to compete with cheap guys on these parks. These are on the low end of my pay though, coming in at $60 / hour.
  8. Jpocket

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    Oh, and yes, my neighbor is the head of the parks board.

    There ya go...that always helps
  9. Runner

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    Here in Michigan, you are looking at $20 per acre. I've bidded these before, and know exactly what they go for. Ours is 20 acres, the next one over is 10. They go for $400 and $200 perspectively.

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