Toyota and Caterpillar engines

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Fieldman12, Apr 13, 2007.

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    I was reading in the Diesel magazine where they think that Toyota will be coming out with a 3/4 and up truck with a Cat motor.Now me Im partial to the big three truck makers GM,FORD and Chrysler. A foreign company has of yet to make what I call a real full size truck. I admit Im impressed with the looks of the latest Toyota truck. Im sure all the foreign makes make good quality vehicles. Just wondered what you guys thought abou a Cat being offered in a foreign vehicle. I think it could put Toyota on the map in real full size trucks. I own a Duramax and I know its an Isuzu motor. So far only a thousand mile but when I was little dad had a Chevette with an Isuzu in it and to this day it was one of the best american cars he ever bought. You would think Ford or GM would try to get a Cat or Deere motor stuffed under the hood.
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    That will be interesting to go to the truck pulls in about six years and see the Toyota trucks whip up on the GM,Ford and Dodge trucks. In the Diesel classes it has always been mostly a Dodge Cummins show but the last few years the Duramaxes have been kicking butt at the pulls. Every now and then you will see the Powerstrokes make a good pull but most of the time it's a Cummins or a Duramax. Now a trucks hooked bumper to bumper the Chevrolet usually does not perform as good because that IFS suspension they refuse to get rid of. Rather have an old Dana under the front any day. In my personal opinion that fron end is GM's weakest link.
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    It's hard to say which engine will be in what truck in a few years. Ford and IH are a mess, Dodge is for sale and is owned by Daimler which uses their MB diesels. If they're smart, they won't let Cummins get away. Now that GM is a major player in diesel trucks, they need to keep improving and stay competitive, and I think they will, whether it's with a bigger Duramax, or something else. I also agree GM needs a SFA on their 3/4 and 1 tons. That's my biggest and only major gripe I have with them. I've heard Toyota is checking out several different engines, including Cat. The also have their own. The everchanging emissions will play a part too.

    When I first went to the Diesel Drags, I was surprised at the lack of Fords in the competitions, with all of the Super Duty's out there. The Dodges definetly outnumber Ford and Chevy combined, but the Duramaxes more than hold their own. The Cummins fare better (for the most part) in the sled pulls, but the Duramaxes seem to be the fastest in the drags. In Diesel Power magazine's competition last fall, a guy with a Duramax placed 1st or 2nd I think in all 10 catagories.:cool2:
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    If Toyota comes out with a cat in it they have one sold already!!!!!:cool2:
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    This makes fourth Chevrolet pickup and three of them where 4x4 four wheel drives. My biggest complaint has always been that IFS suspension. I have noticed in some of the magazine and pulls they have switched them out to a solid front axle. Like I said for years now Cummins has ruled the pulling sleds until about the last three years. When a Duramax hooks up to the sled unless the front end gives out it pulls past where all the Cummins stopped. GM is on to a good thing if they keep at it. One other little gripe I had is they dont sit as high as the Dodge or Ford. I had a Dodge Cummins and loved everything about it as far as the drivetrain but nothhing else would hold together. It was costing me a fortune each month. One day I would like to have it back or another one again just to take to shows/pulls. Im still partial to the big Dodge Cummins. I like the Fords also. I have drove many of them over the years on the farms.
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    "ToyotaÂ’s Diesel program is ongoing, and is led by D-CAT (Diesel Clean Advanced Technology). Toyota D-CAT produces the lowest harmful emissions of any modern diesel, surpassing EURO IV standards. It is initially available in the Toyota Avensis D- 4D sedan in Germany and the UK, where ultra low sulphur fuel is available. The Toyota DCAT system features a special catalyst called DPNR (Diesel Particulate NOx Reduction system) and Toyota's second generation high-pressure common-rail diesel injection
    system. DPNR reduces both NOx and Particulate Matter in exhaust emissions, and cuts down the generation of HC (hydrocarbons) and CO (carbon monoxide)."

    This is from toyotas web site. I don't think that it is actually a "CAT" motor its just an abbreviation for their emissions system. But I could be reading it wrong. hopefully someone might know more.
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    I don't believe you will ever see a CAT or anything else but a Toyota diesel in their trucks. I don't have a problem with the GM IFS. I have a solid axle in my 5500 and it has great ground clearance but the ride is jarring to say the least. I much prefer the ride in the 3500. I put just under 100K on my last 3500 D/A pulling at or over GVW and replaced one component of the front suspension (under warranty).
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    The IFS was designed to ride smooth but when it comes to getting off the pavement it has been my experience every time it will get stuck before a solid fron axle. There is just not near the weight under the front end as a true Solid front axle. They have been known to break allot of tie rods over the years. Under most conditions most people will not have a problem with them except get stuck easier. What makes them pull so well at the pulls now I think is because the power the Duramax gets taking off at the start line. IF you ever get a chance go to a pull and watch the front tires wobble back and forth side to side. It is kinda funny and every time that is what falls apart on them. My personal opinion if they are so worried about making the ride good do this. Put a solid front axle under the front and put an air ride seat in the cab like a semi, or farm tractor. You will have the best of both worlds then. As far as everything else on the GM trucks I am very, very, pleased
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    Even with the added weight of the Diesel motor has not helped much. Tried the different tires and no help. Something about that front just does not get the traction as well. I hear allot of people complain about it.
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    Fieldman12- I don't think IFS gets less traction than a solid axle. Maybe not in a sled pull, but on the road and offroad, I think they keep better contact with the ground since they flex more, even though they weigh less.

    KSSS- I think IFS is fine if you're just going to stay on pavement, and not run bigger tires and wheels. But for plowing snow or running lift kits, SFA is better suited. I'm currently on my 4th GM truck because I love everything else. I will probably buy diesel from here on out, but the small block 350 is one of the best gassers, if not THE best, ever built. The only real issues that I've had with my trucks are front suspension related. SFA's ride better than they used to, and the coil overs help that. A 4500/5500 truck will not ride as good as a SFA 3/4 or 1 ton since there a heavier duty truck.

    bobcat9957- Toyota has talked, or explored the option of using Caterpillar diesels in their trucks, different from their "D-CAT". I will be surprised if that ever happened. I think if/when Toyota comes out with one, it will be their own.

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