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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by troblandscape, Feb 3, 2003.

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    how do you fell about the lawns you pull up to and there are toys all over the lawn.... I am not talking a few basketballs, I mean alot of toys. There is nothing worse than having to shut down the blades and put the parking brake on to pick up a G.I. Joe.

    I think the customer would have some respect and put the toys away on the day I come

    How do you deal with this?
  2. TedsLawnScaping

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    I treat G.I. Joes on the lawn just as the government treats G.I.s, expendable. I only stop for things I can see and that can cause damage like kickstands for dirtbikes(I won't go there). G.I. Joes are Camo. That gives me an excuse to run them over:p
  3. Answer.......I am color blind......No I am not but that's my answer for cut up toys.

    They still make GI Joe?
  4. tiedeman

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    I had that problem a while..I asked the customer nicey to please have the toys picked up or I will have to charge extra...never picked them up so I charged him extra..of course he complained and of course I dropped him as a customer..

    this lawn should have only taken 30 mins, but instead it took 45 mins because of the number of toys that had to be moved.
  5. kutnkru

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    The first time its a trial run so to speak. I know how long that property should have taken to maintain, yet it actually takes xx number of minutes more because of the obstacles.

    I would simply let them know after you finish that if you have to spend that much time in the future that its going to be $xx.xx for the cut instead of $yy.yy because of ALL the additional time you have to spend.

    If they arent comfortable paying you to pick up after their slovenliness, refer them to a lesser LMO in your area who likes to do trash hauling in addition to -- and they both should be happy.
  6. troblandscape

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    Trash haulin...... lol:cry:
  7. Take the toys with you.....they wont know they are missing.

    That will leaves less toys to pick up next time.
  8. JimLewis

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    Well, we don't run into this problem much. It's mostly the BIG toys that are a pain (e.g. the big plastic slide with attached house). But we always move those and mow underneath them too. It's just a pain.

    As for smaller toys, I think the professional thing to do is take a minute or two and put them on the back patio. Or if you are in too much of a rush to take a few minutes to do that, then at least ask the client if they'd please see that the toys are picked up before you come each week. This assumes you come on a regular day and similar time each week. If you have an irregular schedule then you can't expect the homeone to be clairvoyant.

    But to just ignore them and mow over them is a little unprofessional IMO and I think it causes resentment in the kids' and client's later when they find out. And that's never the way I want my clients to feel about me.
  9. SLS

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    How do I deal with them?

    I don't.

    When I go for a bid and see:

    A) Toys lying around the lawn...

    B) Old trash, or lots of 'lawn ornaments' ...

    C) Dog runs, pens, or wire/chain leads...

    ...I move on to the next available client. :D

    Someone else is welcome to take the 'obstacle course' lawns from now on.
  10. Gravely_Man

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    I agree with SLS I look for problems when I am giving a bid on a property. If I see big problems I move on. I also include a section in the contract that states the yard must be free of all non-green matter on their day schedule maintenance or a clean fee will be added to the bill.


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