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    i had a 76' Nova 2door. i sold it to pay for my wedding in 2009. plant o get a new 4wheeler once our baby is born.
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    Hi sehitchman,
    Thanks for your service and Happy belated Veteran's Day! I just love your surfin' Woody. My sister owned a 72 (iirc) B210 when I was in high school and I got to use it a lot when I'd go visit her in my old home town...I had lots of fun crusing around town in it. You have a nice collection there.
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    Thanks, the USAF guy is my son, he drives the Maxima. The woody wagon is my daughters daily driver, she gets lots of attention. I've got ski's and a snowboard that go up top in the winter. :) I've got a couple other Datsun projects, but don't want to show them till they are finished.
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    Hold onto those plans for a while hah, I'm in the process of doing my brothers finances after 2 years of being a dad. His idea of buying a new motorcycle quickly changed to investing in his Roth and 401k after that little guy popped out. Once his "dad" switch was clicked, his priorities changed forever.

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