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Fayette, ME
Hey just wanted to introduce myself on here. I am 19 years old and have been doing lawn care with my boss for 4 years. My girlfriend and I tried the college route, hated it, got jobs and a house to rent, started supporting ourselves and are now having a baby (unplanned but awesome) that should be here in a few weeks. Any how, I am the only employee for the lawn care company and work closely with the owner and have developed a good relationship with him and he gives me most of the jobs (outside of mowing lawns) to do on my own. We currently mow 20-25 lawns and we both work full time on top of that. There's always people asking for quotes or if we can do their place too but there's only so much time in a day. I landed a contract with a healthcare center on my own (dr offices, yoga studio, massage rooms... etc.) mowing, cleaning twice a week, weekly trash removal along with snow removal in the winter, and general upkeep/property maintenance. So far that is Tozier's Property Maintenance. I originally planned to push mow...but my boss lets me use his equipment for it (2014 walker b19 48" deck) which I am very thankful for. I want to get a few more accounts similar to this one that are on year round contract and pay monthly. From there I'd like to pick up as much work as I can until I have to go full time with it and FINALLY work on my own. Now I have wanted to do this on my own for a few years now and am very motivated to make that happen. I joined this site to learn as much as possible and pick up do's and don't's along with tips...

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