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    I have several large (I mean LARGE) maple and oak trees around my lawn, which is about 1/2 acre. The good news is, the city will take them away this fall if I put them in the street by the curb. The bad news is most of these trees are in the back yard, meaning I have to move them 3-400 feet down my driveway to reach the street.

    Last year (first fall in the house), I tried blowing them with my Echo backpack. Dragging them on tarps. And stuffing them into large Rubbermaid barrels to get them to the street. All very time consuming. I've thought about mulching blades like Gators, but with the amount of leaves that fall, I can't believe they would "go away" as I want them to.

    After a few choice words last fall, I vowed to find a better way. A Trac-Pac, mounted on my mower, appears to be a good solution. Mower, by the way, is a Toro 36" fixed deck WB. While the contractors around here (Grand Rapids, MI) seem to use them on their walk-behind units, I don't read much about trac-pac on Lawnsite.

    I'm looking for opinions on Trac-Pac: how well they work, how much they cost, and if there is another solution to my problem.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  2. It would be Trac-Vac

    but I would look at Peco.
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    Sorry - Trac VAC. And I thought I could fool you guys....
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    Homey, it's hard to fool fools. :D

    Maple leaves are one of the harder leaves to mulch up since they fall off while still fairly green and wet. A lawn vac of some sort would work out good, but the do not chop up real fine in a vac either. Even with this it will take a few trips. :)
  5. Just put a set of double blades on, double cut and discharge at 3 1/2h.

    Since your a homeowner you can cut it every three days or so during the time of heavy leaf drop.

    Now just mow weekly (double cut) until the end or the season with the turf a 2 1/2 at the final cut.

    BTW invest in a two wheel stand on sulky. You will get done a lot quicker w/o breaking a sweat.

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