Trac Vac 385, 452, or 462???

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Gebo, May 8, 2004.

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    I have a 20 hp Honda with a 48" deck. I'm debating between these 3 TracVacs. One is on a trailer pull behind, one is one casters attached to the frame, and the other is directly attached to the frame with no support underneath. Trac Vac says for my particular mower the one attached to the frame with no support underneath is recommended. It seems this could potentially lead to undesired "wheelies." The dealer is leaning towards the pull behind selling me on the fact I can take in around and collect leaves without having to use my mower to move it around. ANother dealer told me the caster one was too "top heavy."

    What does your experience tell me? :)
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    Off hand I don't know the number but I use the trac vac on my 27hp 60" lazer its frame mounted. I wouldn't use the other kinds too restrictive you got enough to worry about with out wondering if you’re going to back into something. As for wheelies they are a lot more fun then you think but the way you beat them is attaching weights to the front of the mower. If I want I can still pop the front end up and I can drive about 50 feet like that but it for the most part stays down and it takes hills a lot better I am always doing 30 degree hills or greater and the front weights are the reason.

    Something I am thinking on is when I pick up my diesel lazer with the 72-inch deck. Trac vac makes a model called the 662 I think. It’s like the other frame mounted one only its dual 44 gal cans. I am dreaming of that granted were talking about a mower reaching 2000 pounds but were also talking about one that cuts at 12 miles and hour and can bag an acre or more before you need to empty the cans.
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    We have an older trac-vac and a new agri-fab, both are tow behind. I went with the trailer style because in the spring(like right now), we end up bagging grass. with the soft ground and the heavy grass this type seems to leave less ruts and keeps us from getting stuck as much...Chuck

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