Trac Vac 655 or Cyclone Rake for Scag Tiger Cat II


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I just purchased a new Tiger Cat II with the 52" deck.
I was looking at the Trac Vac 655 or Cyclone Rake XL.
My dealer does not have any Trac Vac stuff in stock and there is very little information online about them. Cyclone Rake I can find plenty of info on.
So my question is , is the Trac Vac 655 easy to install and remove from the mower , to just use for leaf clean up or is mostly left on all the time for grass collection ?
I am hoping it is just the two pins that hold it to the mower (other then the tubing part) .
I can also not find many reviews of the Trac Vac. I like the idea of being able to remove the waste cans and dump them , that is why I am looking at it. For the Cyclone Rake I would probably use the discharge hose to blow out the waste container rather then backing it up dump it into woods.
Thank you


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i bought a midsize cyclone rake used last year and put it behind a tiger cat 2 52”. overall it worked awesome. hardly ever clogged and more less picked up all the leaves, with some blade and baffle changes it would do awesome. two things i noticed. 1, the tail swing of the cyclone rake was horrible. it attaches solid to the mower so when you turn the whole thing swings. imagine a 6 foot tail on your mower and that swinging every time you move the mower left or right. so small yards and yards with obstacles are very difficult and you will whack things, bushes mail boxes cars houses etc.. 2, they get heavy! flat ground not bad but hills, watch out. you can feel when it starts getting to heavy, and go empty it. even as heavy as the tiger cat is, when the bagger starts to get full it will push you around. i would think anything as small as the trac vac looks would fill extremely fast and get very frustrating. the cyclone rake holds a good amount and isnt too bad.


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I had a smaller cyclone rake and liked it, but it was too small. So I upgraded to the XL and love it.
We pull ours with a 3000 series Toro with a 72" deck.
It does get very heavy. It would ruin the hubs on the single wheels.
Get the dual wheels right away.
The 10 hp and 10" hose has no problem keeping up with the 72" deck.
It's a matter of learning what the machine will do and not exceeding it.

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